Single Level Clinical Classification Software ICD-9 Procedure Codes

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Clinical Classifications Software for ICD-9 Procedure Codes provides a way to classify diagnosis and procedures into a limited number of categories by aggregating individual ICD-9-CM codes into broad diagnosis and procedure groups to facilitate statistical analysis and reporting.


Developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the Clinical Classifications Software (CCS) is a tool for clustering patient diagnoses and procedures into a manageable number of clinically meaningful categories. CCS offers researchers the ability to group conditions and procedures without having to sort through thousands of codes. This “clinical grouper” makes it easier to quickly understand patterns of diagnoses and procedures so that health plans, policy makers, and researchers can analyze costs, utilization, and outcomes associated with particular illnesses and procedures.

CCS collapses diagnosis and procedure codes from the International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM), which contains more than 14,000 diagnosis codes and 3,900 procedure codes. Without the CCS tool, the large number of ICD-9-CM codes makes statistical analysis and reporting difficult and time-consuming.

CCS consists of two related classification systems, single-level and multi-level, which are designed to meet different needs. Single-level CCS is most useful for ranking of diagnoses and procedures and for direct integration into risk adjustment and other software. Multi-level CCS is ideal for evaluating larger aggregations of conditions and procedures or exploring these groupings in greater detail.

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ICD9CM_CODE3 or 4 digit ICD-9-CM code that uniquely identifies a diagnostic procedure.string-
CCS_CATEGORYIdentifies the category by aggregating individual ICD-9-CM codes into broad procedure groups.integerlevel : Nominal
CCS_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTIONDescription of the CCS category/Group.string-
ICD9CM_CODE_DESCRIPTIONShortened, fixed-length description of the code.string-
9391217 Ot resp RxIPPB
898227 Oth diag procsAUTOPSY
181125 Dx procs earOTOSCOPY
492177 ProctoscopyANOSCOPY
636117 nOR male genVASOTOMY
7670144 RxFACE FX
7671144 RxFACE FX
7672144 RxFACE FX
7673144 RxFACE FX
7674144 RxFACE FX