SNOMED CT Encoded Route of Administration Subset

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SNOMED CT Encoded Route of Administration Subset September 2015 is a listing of the current set of terms related to the location of administration for clinical therapeutics. The purpose of the Route of Administration is to define a SNOMED CT subset, a portion of which can be used in the Drug Listing section of Structured Product Labeling (SPL), or for documentation and encoding of clinical information regarding substance administrations.


The purpose of the SNOMED CT Route of Administration subset is to facilitate the use of SNOMED CT as the primary coding terminology for substance administration documentation. As local vocabularies often provide variable ways of representing commonly used concepts, the use of a common list of SNOMED CT concepts will maximize data interoperability among institutions. Institutions that use their own Route of Administration vocabularies are encouraged to map them to members of this subset of SNOMED CT.

The following guidelines were used to develop the subset:
– Only active concepts from the US Edition of SNOMED CT (which contains the International and US Extension Releases) are included.
– Only concepts that are subtypes of the concept [284009009] Route of administration value (qualifier value) are included.
– The sub-hierarchy structure of this branch of the terminology was not included, i.e. the subset is represented as a flat list of terms.
– Terms related to route of administration from other parts of the terminology were not considered for inclusion.

A new version of the subset will be published for each new US Edition of SNOMED CT release. Newly retired SNOMED CT concepts will be flagged and additional concepts may be added if appropriate.

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Other Titles

SNOMED CT Route of Administration Problem List Subset, ROA Problem List Subset of SNOMED CT September 2016

SNOMED_Concept_idConcept Id of the SNOMED CT conceptintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
SNOMED_Preferred_TermThe SNOMED CT preferred termstringrequired : 1 maxLength : 32
10547007Otic route
26643006Oral route
46713006Nasal route
37161004Rectal route
54471007Buccal route
6064005Topical route
16857009Vaginal route
372449004Dental route
417070009Caudal route
417985001Enteral route