Supply Request

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The scope of the SupplyRequest resource is for recording the request of supplies used in the healthcare process. This includes supplies specifically used in the treatment of patients as well as supply movement within an institution (transport a set of supplies from materials management to a service unit (nurse station).


The SupplyRequest resource allows requesting only a single item. If a workflow requires requesting multiple items simultaneously, this is done using multiple instances of this resource. These instances can be linked in different ways, depending on the needs of the workflow.

Note that the Supply Request records the fact that a request was made. To actually act on that request, additional workflow beyond simply the existence of a Supply Request is required. This can be achieved by using an Task resource, with the Supply Request referenced from the Task.focus, or by using the SupplyRequest resource in the context of an messaging or service workflow where the request is explicit or implicit. The Supply Delivery resource represents the fulfillment as a result of Supply Request being acted upon.

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FHIR, HL7, Medical Terminology, Processes Data, Processes Information, Processes Documentation, Health Information Exchange, Electronic Health Records, FHIR Smart, Smart on FHIR

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FHIR Supply Request Resource, Electronic Health Records Exchange Through FHIR

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SupplyRequest['quantity', 'resourceType']
SupplyRequest_status#/definitions/ElementExtensions for status
SupplyRequest_language#/definitions/ElementExtensions for language
SupplyRequest_priority#/definitions/ElementExtensions for priority
SupplyRequestresourceTypeThis is a SupplyRequest resourceSupplyRequest
SupplyRequest_authoredOn#/definitions/ElementExtensions for authoredOn
SupplyRequestauthoredOn#/definitions/dateTimeWhen the request was made.
SupplyRequest_ParametervalueBooleanbooleanThe value of the device detail.
SupplyRequestoccurrenceDateTimestringWhen the request should be fulfilled.
SupplyRequest_implicitRules#/definitions/ElementExtensions for implicitRules
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