Timely and Effective Care by Hospital

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This dataset includes provider-level data for measures of heart attack care, heart failure care, pneumonia care, surgical care, emergency department care, preventive care, children’s asthma care, stroke care, blood clot prevention and treatment, and pregnancy and delivery care.


The measures of timely and effective care (also known as “process of care” measures) show the percentage of hospital patients who got treatments known to get the best results for certain common, serious medical conditions or surgical procedures; how quickly hospitals treat patients who come to the hospital with certain medical emergencies; and how well hospitals provide preventive services.

These measures only apply to patients for whom the recommended treatment would be appropriate. The measures of timely and effective care apply to adults and children treated at hospitals paid under the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) or the Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS), as well as those that voluntarily report data on measures for whom the recommended treatments would be appropriate including Medicare patients, Medicare managed care patients, and non-Medicare patients. Timely and effective care measures are also referred to as the process of care measures and include acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, pneumonia, Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP), emergency department, preventive care, children’s asthma care, stroke care, blood clot prevention and treatment, and pregnancy and delivery care measures.

IMM-3 and OP-27 are combined and reported as one measure rather than listing the measures separately. The Measure ID IMM-3_OP-27 includes data from both the inpatient measure IMM-3, and the outpatient measure OP-27.

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CMS Payment Measures, CMS Value of Care Payments, Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary, Medicare Beneficiary Payments, Hospital Compare Data, Quality of Care Information, Quality Assurance Data, Hospital Survey, Hospital Experience Information

Other Titles

Timely and Effective Treatment Measures By Hospitals, Hospital Survey on Preventive Services to Treat Emergency Medical Conditions

Provider_IDCMS certification number (CCN). Identification number of the hospital within the CMS dataset.string-
Hospital_NameName of the hospital (also referred to as the provider)string-
AddressMain street address information of the hospitalstring-
CityMailing city. The city in the main street address of the hospital.string-
State_AbbreviationTwo-letter state abbreviation in the mailing address of the hospital. This includes information on hospitals in:string-
Zip_Code5 digit postal zip code in the mailing address of the hospital.integerlevel : Nominal
County_NameMailing county of the hospital.string-
Phone_NumberMain phone number of the hospital. 3-digit area code plus 7-digit telephone number.integerlevel : Nominal
ConditionThe condition for which the care measure was applied.string-
Measure_IDThe measure identification (ID) of the Timely and Effective Care measures.string-
Measure_NameThe measure name of the Timely and Effective Care measures.string-
ScoreThe overall score for Timely and Effective Care measures.string-
SampleThe number of samples collected for the measures.integerlevel : Ratio
Footnote_CodeFootnote code refers to the code for an additional piece of information given separately for the compiled data.string-
Footnote_DescriptionFootnote describes an additional piece of information given separately for the compiled data.string-
Measure_Start_DateThe first day the data measures were collected. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD.date-
Measure_End_DateThe last day the data measures were collected. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD.date-
LatitudeIdentifies the geographical location Latitude.number-
LongitudeIdentifies the geographical location Longitude.number-
Provider IDHospital NameAddressCityState AbbreviationZip CodeCounty NamePhone NumberConditionMeasure IDMeasure NameScoreSampleFootnote CodeFootnote DescriptionMeasure Start DateMeasure End DateLatitudeLongitude
10001SOUTHEAST ALABAMA MEDICAL CENTER1108 ROSS CLARK CIRCLEDOTHANAL36301HOUSTON3347938701Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen4608182012-01-012012-12-3131.214058-85.361725
10005MARSHALL MEDICAL CENTER SOUTH2505 U S HIGHWAY 431 NORTHBOAZAL35957MARSHALL2565938310Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen3753382012-01-012012-12-31
10006ELIZA COFFEE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL205 MARENGO STREETFLORENCEAL35631LAUDERDALE2567688400Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen0423532012-01-012012-12-3134.793659999999996-87.684348
10007MIZELL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL702 N MAIN STOPPAL36467COVINGTON3344933541Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen3102462012-01-012012-12-3131.291971999999998-86.255415
10008CRENSHAW COMMUNITY HOSPITAL101 HOSPITAL CIRCLELUVERNEAL36049CRENSHAW3343353374Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen161752012-01-012012-12-3131.692595-86.26615600000001
10011ST VINCENT'S EAST50 MEDICAL PARK EAST DRIVEBIRMINGHAMAL35235JEFFERSON2058383122Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen3523422012-01-012012-12-3133.595351-86.665182
10012DEKALB REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER200 MED CENTER DRIVEFORT PAYNEAL35968DE KALB2568453150Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen1379852012-01-012012-12-31
10016SHELBY BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER1000 FIRST STREET NORTHALABASTERAL35007SHELBY2056208100Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen1501852012-01-012012-12-3133.253679-86.814261
10018CALLAHAN EYE HOSPITAL1720 UNIVERSITY BLVDBIRMINGHAMAL35233JEFFERSON2053258100Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen150052012-01-012012-12-3133.503137-86.802401
10019HELEN KELLER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL1300 SOUTH MONTGOMERY AVENUESHEFFIELDAL35660COLBERT2563864556Emergency DepartmentOP_22Left before being seen2375422012-01-012012-12-3134.748249-87.69886600000001