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Types of Weapon Used in Aggravated Assault and Robbery by State 2019

This table provides the types of weapons used in aggravated assault and robbery offenses. The data are based on the aggregated data from agencies within each state for which weapon information was reported to the FBI. The table includes the number of agencies that submitted data by state and the population covered by those agencies. The dataset also includes a breakdown of the types of firearms used in murders (i.e., handguns, rifles, shotguns, or firearms).

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The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program defines aggravated assault as an unlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury. The UCR Program further specifies that this type of assault is usually accompanied by the use of a weapon or by other means likely to produce death or great bodily harm. Attempted aggravated assault that involves the display of—or threat to use—a gun, knife, or other weapon is included in this crime category because serious personal injury would likely result if the assault were completed. When aggravated assault and larceny-theft occur together, the offense falls under the category of robbery.

Males, American Indians, and Hispanics, the young, and those with the lowest annual household income were more vulnerable to weapon violence in general and firearm violence in particular than their respective counterparts.

The supplemental homicide data submitted by the Florida state UCR Program did not meet UCR guidelines and were not included in this table.

The FBI received limited supplemental homicide data from the Illinois and Alabama state UCR Programs.

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Crime Reports, United States Crime, Crime Reported to Police, Weapons Used in Assault

Other Titles

US Offenses Reported during 2019, US Crimes and Number of Offenses, Uniform Crime Reporting Program US 2019

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
StateState Namestring-
Total_Aggravated_AssaultsThe number of aggravated assaults from agencies that submitted 12 months of data in 2015 for which breakdowns by type of weapon were included.integerlevel : Interval
Assault_By_FireamsTotal Firearms in 2019integerlevel : Interval
Assault_By_Knives_Or_Cutting_InstrumentsKnives or other Cutting Instruments in 2019integerlevel : Interval
Assault_By_Other_WeaponsOther Weapons used in Assaultintegerlevel : Interval
Assault_By_Personal_WeaponsPersonal weapons used in assaultintegerlevel : Interval
Total_RobberiesThe number of robberies from agencies that submitted 12 months of data in 2015 for which breakdowns by type of weapon were included.integerlevel : Interval
Robberies_By_FirearmsTotal Firearms in 2019integerlevel : Interval
Robberies_By_Knives_Or_Cutting_InstrumentsKnives or other Cutting Instruments in 2019integerlevel : Interval
Robberies_By_Other_WeaponsOther Weapons used in Robberiesintegerlevel : Interval
Robberies_By_Strong_ArmStrong Armintegerlevel : Interval
Agency_CountAgency Countintegerlevel : Interval
Population_By_CityPopulation by City in 2019integerlevel : Interval

Data Preview

StateTotal Aggravated AssaultsAssault By FireamsAssault By Knives Or Cutting InstrumentsAssault By Other WeaponsAssault By Personal WeaponsTotal RobberiesRobberies By FirearmsRobberies By Knives Or Cutting InstrumentsRobberies By Other WeaponsRobberies By Strong ArmAgency CountPopulation By City
District of Columbia4179108911751520395271389725815814003705749