UK Prescription Cost Analysis

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Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) provides details of the number of items and the Net Ingredient Cost (NIC) of all prescriptions dispensed in the community in England. The drugs that are dispensed in the community are listed by British National Formulary (BNF) therapeutic class chapters 1 to 15, using the classification system prior to BNF edition 70. Items such as dressings and appliances, have been classified into six pseudo BNF chapters 18 to 23.


UK Prescription Cost Analysis provides a national level annual summary of prescriptions dispensed during 2016, providing the detail for each individual item prescribed in 2016. Prescriptions written by General Medical Practitioners and Non-medical prescribers (nurses, pharmacists etc.) in England represent the vast majority of prescriptions included. Prescriptions written by dentists and hospital doctors are also included provided that they were dispensed in the community. Also included are prescriptions written in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man but dispensed in England. Prescriptions written in England but dispensed outside England are not included. The data do not cover items dispensed in hospital or on private prescriptions.

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Prescription Cost, PCA, Prescription Cost Analysis, Net Ingredient Cost

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Prescription Cost in England, Analysis of Prescription Cost

Drug_NameMedicines are shown by individual preparation name, which may be proprietary or generic, followed by form and strength. The names used are often presented in an abbreviated form.string-
BNF_Chemical_NamePreparation's chemical entity within the British National Formulary (BNF)string-
BNF_Section_NameBNF section name in which the preparation is listedstring-
BNF_Sub_Paragraph_NameBNF sub paragraph name in which the preparation is listedstring-
BNF_ChapterBNF chapter number in which the preparation is listedintegerlevel : Nominal
BNF_SectionBNF chapter number in which the preparation is listedintegerlevel : Nominal
BNF_ParagraphBNF paragraph number in which the preparation is listedintegerlevel : Nominal
BNF_Sub_ParagraphBNF sub paragraph number in which the preparation is listedintegerlevel : Nominal
Standard_Quantity_Unit_IdThis code indicates the form of the drug and the units in which quantity is measured: Code 1 - a unit (e.g. one tablet, capsule, pack, aerosol etc), Code 3 - millilitres, Code 6 - grammes, Code 0 - individually formulated (unit varies)integerlevel : Nominal
Preparation_Class_IdWithin the PCA system prescriptions for drugs are classified in four ways: Class 1 - Drugs prescribed and available generically, Class 2 - Drugs prescribed generically but only available as a proprietary product, Class 3 - Drugs prescribed and dispensed by proprietary brand name, Class 4 - Dressings and appliancesintegerlevel : Nominal
Items_PrescribedA prescription item refers to a single item prescribed by a doctor (or dentist/nurse/et al.) on a prescription form. If a prescription form includes three medicines it is counted as three prescription items.integerlevel : Ratio
QuantityQuantity of the items dispensedintegerlevel : Ratio
Of_Which_Class_2_ItemsItems belonging to Class 2 (Class 2 - Drugs prescribed generically but only available as a proprietary product)integerlevel : Ratio
NICNet ingredient cost (NIC)number-
NIC_Per_ItemAverage net ingredient cost per itemnumber-
NIC_Per_QuantityAverage net ingredient cost per quantitynumber-
Average_Quantity_Per_ItemAverage quantity per itemnumberlevel : Ratio
DoubleGel 100gEmollients21220014112.122.122.121
DoubleGel 500gEmollients212200149941.944.664.661
DropperOther Appliances2116014667425.90.390.351.12
AproDerm Gel 100gEmollients21220014447.961.991.991
Soffen Crm 500gEmollients21220014101047.94.794.791
Emelpin Oint 125gEmollients2122001425752319.243.083
Salts_BeltUrinal Systems22904101441669.9217.484.374
B.Braun_Waist BeltBelts233045141836182.1610.125.062
ExoCream 350gEmollients212200144748200.