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  • Vacant and Open Building Calls Reported


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Vacant and Abandoned Buildings Reported

This dataset contains vacant and abandoned building reported on 311 calls for open and vacant buildings reported to the City of Chicago since January 1, 2010.

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The information is updated daily with the previous day’s calls added to the records. The dataset provides the date of the 311 service request and the unique Service Request # attached to each request. For each request, the following information (as reported by the 311 caller) is available: address location of building; whether building is vacant or occupied; whether the building is open or boarded; entry point if building is open; whether non-residents are occupying or using the building, if the building appears dangerous or hazardous and if the building is vacant due to a fire. The data is providing information of both vacant and abandoned building.

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United States


John Snow Labs; Data City Of Chicago;

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Abandoned Building, US Vacant Building, US Open Building, US Boarded Building

Other Titles

Chicago Abandoned Buildings, Vacant and Open Building Calls Reported

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Service_Request_NumberA unique Service Request Number for reportingstring-
Date_Service_Request_ReceivedDate Service Request Was Receiveddate-
Location_Of_The_Building_Lot_NumberLocation of Building on the Lotstring-
Building_Open_or_BoardedBuilding Open or Boardedstring-
Building_Entry_PointIf the Building is Open, Where is the Entry Point?string-
Is_Building_Vacant_or_OccupiedIs the Building Currently Vacant or Occupied? (Vacant=True, Occupied= false)boolean-
Is_The_Building_Vacant_Due_to_FireIs the Building Vacant Due to Fire?boolean-
Is_Property_UsedAny People Using Property (e.g., Homeless, Children, Gangs)?boolean-
Street_NumberAddress Street Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Street_DirectionAddress Street Directionstring-
Street_NameAddress Street Namestring-
Street_SuffixAddress Street Suffixstring-
ZIP_CodeZip Code of buildingintegerlevel : Nominal
X_CoordinateX Coordinate of Buildingnumberlevel : Ratio
Y_CoordinateY Coordinate of Buildingnumberlevel : Ratio
Ward_NumberWard Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Police_DistrictPolice District Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Community_AreaCommunity Areaintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude Location of buildingnumber-
LongitudeLongitude Location of buildingnumber-

Data Preview

Service Request NumberDate Service Request ReceivedLocation Of The Building Lot NumberBuilding Open or BoardedBuilding Entry PointIs Building Vacant or OccupiedIs The Building Vacant Due to FireIs Property UsedStreet NumberStreet DirectionStreet NameStreet SuffixZIP CodeX CoordinateY CoordinateWard NumberPolice DistrictCommunity AreaLatitudeLongitude
17-075825142017-11-09FrontOpenTrueTrueTrue4339WVAN BURENST60624.01147529.2891897669.49328.
17-075805342017-11-09FrontOpenALL OVER VACANT FOR A YEARTrueFalseFalse3435W71STPL60629.01154704.9261856987.6917.
17-075845772017-11-09OpenFRONT DOORTrueFalseTrue10038SWENTWORTHAVE60628.01176713.2641838384.6869.
17-075854102017-11-09FrontOpenBACK DOORTrueFalseTrue5422SUNIONAVE60609.01172557.031868835.83420.