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  • VAERS Identification 2017
  • Vaccine Adverse Events 2017
  • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS Data 2017


  • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS Data
  • VAERS Data
  • VAERS Data 2017
  • Vaccination Reporting System 2017
  • FDA Vaccine Reports
  • CDC Vaccine Reports
  • Vaccine Side Effects

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System 2017

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) 2017 was created by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to receive reports about adverse events that may be associated with vaccines. No prescription drug or biological product, such as a vaccine, is completely free from side effects.

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Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a passive reporting system, meaning that reports about adverse events are not automatically collected, but require a report to be filed to VAERS. VAERS reports can be submitted voluntarily by anyone, including healthcare providers, patients, or family members. Reports vary in quality and completeness. They often lack details and sometimes can have information that contains errors. About 85-90% of vaccine adverse event reports concern relatively minor events, such as fevers or redness and swelling at the injection site. The remaining reports (less than 15%) describe serious events, such as hospitalizations, life-threatening illnesses, or deaths. The reports of serious events are of greatest concern and receive the most careful scrutiny by VAERS staff. VAERS researchers apply procedures and methods of analysis to help them closely monitor the safety of vaccines. When a concern arises, action is taken. The hope is that this brief explanation of the factors associated with vaccines and adverse events will assist users in understanding the data they are viewing.

Vaccines protect many people from dangerous illnesses, but vaccines, like drugs, can cause side effects, a small percentage of which may be serious. VAERS is used to continually monitor reports to determine whether any vaccine or vaccine lot has a higher than expected rate of events.

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Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS Data, VAERS Data, VAERS Data 2017, Vaccination Reporting System 2017, FDA Vaccine Reports, CDC Vaccine Reports, Vaccine Side Effects

Other Titles

VAERS Identification 2017, Vaccine Adverse Events 2017, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS Data 2017

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
VAERS_Identification_NumberUnique Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Identification Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Received_DateDate report was receiveddate-
State_AbbreviationState Abbreviationstring-
Age_Of_Patient_In_YearsAge of patient in years calculated by (vax_datebirthdate)numberlevel : Ratio
Age_Of_Patient_In_MonthsAge of patient in months calculated by (vax_datebirthdate). The values for this variable range from 0 to <1numberlevel : Ratio
Date_Form_CompletedDate Form Completeddate-
Reported_SymptomDetail description for Reported symptomstring-
Is_DiedDied ('Y' = true)boolean-
Date_Of_DeathDate of Deathdate-
Is_Life_Threatening_IllnessLife-Threatening Illness ('Y' - true)boolean-
Is_Emergency_Room_Or_Doctor_VisitEmergency Room or Doctor Visit ('Y' - true)boolean-
Is_HospitalizedHospitalized ('Y' - true)boolean-
Number_Of_Days_HospitalizedNumber of days Hospitalizedintegerlevel : Ratio
Is_Prolonged_HospitalizationProlonged Hospitalization ('Y' - true)boolean-
Is_DisabilityDisability ('Y' - true)boolean-
Is_RecoveredRecovered ('Y' - true, 'N' - false)boolean-
Vaccination_DateVaccination Datedate-
Adverse_Event_Onset_DateAdverse Event Onset Datedate-
Number_Of_DaysNumber of days (Onset date - Vax. Date)integerlevel : Ratio
Diagnostic_Laboratory_DataDiagnostic laboratory datastring-
Vaccines_AdministeredVaccines Administered at (PUB=Public, PVT=Private,OTH=Other, MIL=Military, PHM=Pharmacy or drug store, SCH=School/student health clinic, SEN=Nursing home or senior living facility, WRK=Workplace clinic, UNK=Unknown)string-
Vaccines_PurchasedVaccines purchased with (PUB=Public,PVT=Private, OTH=Other, MIL=Military) fundsstring-
Other_MedicationsOther Medicationsstring-
Current_IllnessesCurrent Illnessesstring-
Pre_Existing_Physician_Diagnosed_AllergiesPre-existing physician diagnosed allergies, birth defects, medical conditionsstring-
Prior_Vaccination_Event_InformationPrior Vaccination Event informationstring-
Manufacturer_NumberManufacturer Numberstring-

Data Preview

VAERS Identification NumberReceived DateState AbbreviationAge Of Patient In YearsAge Of Patient In MonthsSexDate Form CompletedReported SymptomIs DiedDate Of DeathIs Life Threatening IllnessIs Emergency Room Or Doctor VisitIs HospitalizedNumber Of Days HospitalizedIs Prolonged HospitalizationIs DisabilityIs RecoveredVaccination DateAdverse Event Onset DateNumber Of DaysDiagnostic Laboratory DataVaccines AdministeredVaccines PurchasedOther MedicationsCurrent IllnessesPre Existing Physician Diagnosed AllergiesPrior Vaccination Event InformationManufacturer Number
6760172017-01-01GA1.50.6Male2017-01-01After getting Hep A vaccination on 12/20, went home and son took a nap, he woke up and would not walk. After 48 hours of him not walking at all and then I noticed swelling in his left knee (same leg as vaccine) went back to Dr's office, Dr took blood work and x-rays. Dr spoke to Ortho Nurse Practitioner and they advised to give Motrin thru the holiday weekend. My son began to walk, with a bad limp on Fri 12/23. On Tues 12/27, went to see the Ortho Nurse Practitioner (b/c Dr was on vac), she did more blood work. On Wed received a call from my Ped. & she advised me to go to hospital. They did more blood work, ultrasound, and x-rays. Then drew fluid from knee. After that test came back they admitted us due to a bacterial infection in the knee. My son had surgery the next day to flush out the knee. Son is doing much better, still walking with a limp. They were unable to determine what kind of bacteria caused the problem.TrueTrue3.02016-12-202016-12-200.0Blood work to check CRP and SEDS, X-rays, Ultrasound, drained fluid from knee, tested bacteriaUnknownPrivateNo
6760182017-01-01VA69.0Male2017-01-01EDEMA ERYTHEMA PAIN TENDERNESS.2016-12-302016-12-300.0OtherPrivateMVI; FISH OIL; VIT D3NONO
6760192017-01-01OH53.0Female2017-01-01Patient stated she had "normal" stiffness in left deltoid muscle day after vaccine, but on 12/31 (3 full weeks after the vaccine), stated still having tightness in arm and throbbing when she lays down, intermittently.2016-12-102016-12-111.0OtherOtherPotassium Chloride, triamterene-HCTZ, atorvastatin, lisinopril, metformin, calcium + vitamin DNoneDiabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, Acid Reflux
6760202017-01-01GA69.0Male2017-01-01Rash and pain in vaccinated arm only. Continuing pain even until today.2016-12-08UnknownUnknownnonenone
6760212017-01-01TX58.0Male2017-01-01SEVERE ITCHING (WITH NO RASH) ALL OVER BODY.TrueFalse2016-11-252016-11-272.0OtherPrivateNONE REPORTEDNONE REPORTEDNONE REPORTED
6760222017-01-01OK35.0Female2017-01-01Tingling in feet.TrueTrue5.02016-11-102016-11-2818.0Needed nerve conduction studyPrivateOtherNoneNoneNone
6760232017-01-01UT65.0Female2017-01-01(I am the patient's husband). My wife had an office visit at the Hospital and Clinic facility on 28 December 2016. During that visit she was given a vaccine called Pneumococcal Conj Vaccine 13 Valent IM. Later, around 4PM, (28 December) she experienced chills and feverish feeling, and pain at the vaccine location (left arm). Later, we noticed her face was flushed. Around 10PM on 28 December, we noticed a rash developing on the front of her thighs. At this time we went to the Emergency Department. The diagnosis included vaccination reaction and cellulitis. She was prescribed Clindamycin for the cellulitis. We noticed the rash getting worse on 31 Dec, and went to the Urgent Care at the same facility. She was prescribed prednisone and instructed to report to the emergency room if conditions worsened. We are currently watching her rash condition.TrueFalse2016-12-282016-12-280.0Blood tests and urine tests were doneUnknownOtherULORIC; Simvastatin; ACTONELNoneGout, High Cholesterol, High A1C; Medicine allergies include: Allopurinol, DARVON, Levofloxacin, Meloxicam, Omeprazole, Penicillins, Penicillamine, PHENERGAN
6760242017-01-01NY1.580.6Female2017-01-01Brought her to Dr's office for respiratory illness, given albuterol nebs, cough & breathing worsened throughout the day, brought to ED, admitted to PICU with 50% oxygen & not responding to albuterol, had respiratory & cardiac failure 4/25 in the PICU, was administered CPR, breathing & feeding tubes, and put into medically induced coma for a week, stayed in PICU for 3 weeks, all tests for viruses returned negative, medical staff uncertain what caused this reaction, diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease.TrueTrueTrue21.0True2015-04-212015-04-243.0The hospital did many tests, including MRI, CT scans, bronchoscopy, tests for viruses, blood tests. Nothing showed a conclusive cause for her respiratory failure.UnknownPrivateElecare Jr. formulaNoneFood Allergies: Milk, Eggs, Peanut, Tree Nuts, Soy, Wheat, Peas, Chick Peas (prescribed Epi-pen & Benadryl) Used Albuterol & Saline Nebulizers for all respiratory illnesses, had previous hospitalizations for difficulty breathing during respiratory illnessesHospitalization, respiratory difficulty~Pneumo (no brand name)~4~1.08~Patient|Haemophilus Influenza Type B~Vaccine not specified
6760252017-01-01KY0.330.4Female2017-01-01Arms flinging out, no more smiles no more eye contact not thriving anymore.TrueTrueTrue44.0TrueFalse2016-03-312016-03-310.0Infantile spasms, complex partial seizures, focal/generalized seizures, severe developmental delays, hyptonia. Too young for any other diagnosis at this time.UnknownOtherNoNoSpasms~DT+IPV+Hib+HepB (no brand name)~UN~0.25~Patient
6760262017-01-01KY62.0Male2017-01-01Fever, redness of arm, swelling (patient applied cool compress and started taking tylenol and benadryl).2016-12-302016-12-311.0OtherPrivatenonenone