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Ebook NLP in Healthcare – Use Cases & Trends in 2022 & Beyond

In the Healthcare industry, the amount of data that is now generated, stored, and analyzed has gone up exponentially. Electronic Health Records (EHR) in particular dominate the sector. EHRs provide data-driven opportunities for althcare providers to deliver better care and improve diagnostic and treatment outcomes for patients. However, since EHRs usually contain unstructured textual data, providers often struggle to put it to work. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in healthcare provides the solution to this challenge.

In this free eBook, we’ll outline:

  • Recent NLP Breakthrough and Implications for Healthcare
  • Pre-trained Medical Language Models
  • Explainable & Interpretable NLP
  • Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT)
  • NLP Use Cases in Healthcare & more
The Current State of the Art for Natural Language Processing in Pharma