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SelectData uses AI to better understand home health patients

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INDUSTRY: Healthcare

Introduction: Home Health is expected to grow up to 70 millions users by 2030, presenting an exciting and challenging opportunity. The industry is expecting a shortage of skilled medical coders: 2.3 per user.

Challenge: “With exponentially-growing data, correct medical coding determines the correct code for billing a claim and articulating known health conditions for treatment. This is when SelectData steps in.

SelectData provides clinical coding, audit, and revenue cycle management services to the home health and hospice industry. Automating parts of the coding workflow – from diagnosis & medication extraction to coder assignment – required deep understanding of a variety of noisy, long, scanned, free-text patient records and reports.

It also requires domain expertise since the context, vocabulary, and meaning of text is healthcare– and specialty-specific.”

Result: “SelectData increased the overall production by 10% and maintaineed an accuracy of 95% with current staff by instituting a workflow that identified the records based on perceived level of difficulty and matched those records to individuals who are competent to complete the records accurately and productively.”

10%Increase in overall production
Efficient Data Management

“Spark NLP augments the SelectData Data Science Platform to extract fuzzy, implied, and complex facts from home health patient records.”

CIO SelectData