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SelectData uses AI to better understand home health patients

Spark NLP for Healthcare was used to provide accurate, scalable, and healthcare-specific pipelines for OCR, sentence segmentation, spell checking, biomedical named entity recognition, assertion status (negation) detection, and entity resolution (to ICD and NDC codes).

John Snow Labs’ AI Platform was used to develop, deploy, and operate the custom models within the required privacy, security, compliance, and scalability environment.

About SelectData

SelectData provides clinical coding, audit, and revenue cycle management services to the home health and hospice industry. Automating parts of the coding workflow – from diagnosis & medication extraction to coder assignment – required deep understanding of a variety of noisy, long, scanned, free-text patient records and reports.

It also requires domain expertise since the context, vocabulary, and meaning of text is healthcare- and specialty-specific. 

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