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SHM Foundation applies advanced analytics to improve mental health among HIV positive adolescents in South Africa

The Khuluma project was carried out to enhance positive mental health amongst HIV-positive adolescents in South Africa, with the aim of reducing and ultimately preventing the spread of HIV & AIDS.

Khuluma is an integrated, cost-effective and scalable health platform, leveraging the power of mentoring to facilitate interactive closed groups of 10-15 participants.

John Snow Labs delivered the data analysis and data science aspects of the project, whose results were presented at the AIDS 2016 Conference.

About SHM Foundation

The SHM Foundation works globally to bring about positive social change through projects in learning, citizenship, health and the arts. The Foundation aims to provide communities and individuals with the practical tools they need to develop innovative solutions.

It uses knowledge from the humanities and social sciences to understand human motivation, and draws on academic disciplines, from philosophy to anthropology, to address social challenges.

SelectData uses AI to better understand home health patients

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