Turnkey data for healthcare heroes

Clean, fresh and rich data for today’s critical health decisions

We believe data science, analytics & software
innovators in healthcare are heroes

Our role is to support their vital work with the best quality and most valuable data.
Turnkey Productivity

Out of the box integration with R, Python, SAS, Hadoop, Spark, SQL & BI tools

Curated Quality

Every dataset is selected, cleaned, enriched & documented by a domain expert.

Always Up To Date

Get automatic, versioned, clean & tested updates as they happen

Clean & Interoperable

Unified and standards based data model – including numbers, dates, units, currency, null values, identifiers & references

Big Data Optimized

100x performance on a cluster with Apache Spark’s native Parquet format

Compliance Piece Of Mind

Stay on top of attribution, reporting, field of use and regulatory limits across dozens of data license types

Accelerate the use of data to improve human well-being

We believe that data science will be a major driver of progress for 21st century medicine. We believe that among the ecosystem of technology companies, healthcare providers, research, government and non-profit organizations working to make this a reality, there is a gap in providing quality Data Operations – finding, cleaning, formatting, updating and publishing turnkey data for analysis. We are pitching in to solve this.

Speaking of heroes, we support

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