Get your AI platform from concept to production in weeks

“John Snow Labs delivered a complete data science platform that enables Usermind and our customers to mine millions of records from heterogeneous systems and build models using R and Python machine learning and data mining libraries.”

Arun TheivendirarajahVP Product, Usermind
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Why Getting AI to Production Is Hard


Few people understand the technology, how to architect and productize it


Hard to find best practices & design patterns on building machine learning pipelines

Production Readiness

Many cutting edge technologies are not yet enterprise-grade and require great effort to get to production reliably


Technologies have different memory, data, scaling and security models, requiring great effort to effectively integrate them

Intellectual Property

While open source isn’t production ready, closed source puts cost structure & IP at risk


Operating data science platforms in production requires special skills, tools and processes

John Snow Labs assembled a multi-continent team of big data experts that allowed within three months, faster than we thought possible, to build several significant components that are providing real value to our customers.

Chris JonesPrincipal Engineer at Usermind

John Snow Labs provided professional and friendly service to us as well as thorough analysis of complex data. Where relevant, I think they could contribute positively to future projects. I would recommend them for their availability, personal service and commitment and enthusiasm for the projects they assist.

Anna KyddSHM Foundation Director


Enterprise Grade Solution

Production ready out of the box with strong security, monitoring, failover, backups, single sign-on, auto-scaling and self-healing

Cutting Edge Technology

No compromise inclusion of the latest certified open source libraries in deep learning, NLP, reinforcement learning, distributed machine learning and others

Turnkey Deployment

We get you to production quickly & reliably. We do the first deployment, configure and verify all components, and train your team to take it on


Knowledge sharing sessions to train your team on the source code, architecture and operations

Intellectual Property

The platform is white label. You get the full source code, the right to modify and extend it at will, and whatever you add is yours

Petabyte Scale

Every component is designed and verified to scale out horizontally on commodity hardware

John Snow Labs are professional, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable,
and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. I recommend them highly.

Anna KyddSHM Foundation Director

Just gave demo of everything to our first customer. It was a home run. Thanks to all.

Michel FeasterUsermind CEO & Founder

The Turnkey Solution


Enterprise-grade architecture platform deployed to production


Mix & match to build a custom solution that extends your current architecture


Licensed software comes with a 4-week implementation project to get you deployed, integrated & trained


Your team is trained to be self-sufficient and capable of handling the platform on its own


Access to the source code and ability to extend the platform and build your own IP

Optimized For Regulated Industries



  • The AI Platform is used by some of the largest companies in healthcare and life science domain.

  • Has been audited and vetted to process sensitive personal information in line with the strictest privacy and security regulations.


240.000+  Employees

$65B+ Revenue

Schedule a demo and get more insight into:

  • Data storage and exploration

  • Visualization and dashboards

  • Building predictive models

  • Deploying models to production

  • Scaling and monitoring