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John Snow Labs is named ‘2019 AI Platform of the Year’ 

We’re very honored to share with you that CIO Applications has chosen John Snow Labs as 2019 Artificial Intelligence Platform of the year.


The award is based on an evaluation of John Snow Labs’ in-depth capabilities in the Artificial Intelligence space. The selection is made by a panel of experts and members of CIO Applications’ editorial board to recognize and promote outstanding technology entrepreneurship.

“We evaluated over 200 companies that provide a platform for building, deploying, or operating ML & AI models. John Snow Labs wows in both proven customer success and verifiable state-of-the-art technology – making it a natural winner of the highly competitive 2019 AI Platform of the Year Award” – said Joe Phillip, Managing Editor of CIO Applications.

As a result of its unique set of capabilities, the AI Platform has attracted a number of Fortune 500 companies who use it as the basis of their own enterprise AI platform: by extending, branding, and integrating it into the rest of their software architecture. The platform is also adopted by smaller companies who need to get to market fast with a proven, end-to-end solution.

This AI Platform can be deployed on a new cluster in as little as two hours – although our team bundles it with personalized onboarding that includes training and personalized design & architecture sessions.

“Our customers consider us not just as a software provider but also as a managed service – that continuously keeps track of the fast-evolving AI landscape and adds the best innovations to their toolbox. Every quarter the definition of an AI platform keeps expanding and our product keeps up with it” explained Ali Naqvi, AI Platform product manager at John Snow Labs.

We firmly believe that AI will have a tremendous impact on 21st-century healthcare, life science, and human well-being. With this strong conviction, we’re excited to help you break new ground and realize the potential of AI in the years to come.


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