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Content by Suvrat Joshi

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Suvrat Joshi is a Product Manager at John Snow Labs. He has over 7 years of software industry experience in various domains like CyberSecurity, Managed Services, Maritime, Compliance, etc., with a proven track record of building high-quality software solutions. He is a constant learner in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing and has a keen interest in Product Management.

Programmatic labeling in Annotation Lab

This video shows programmatic labeling in Annotation Lab. Programmatic labeling can be done using rules or models. Here we will demonstrate using rules to speed up the manual annotation process.

How to create a NER project in Annotation Lab

This video shows how to create a NER project in Annotation Lab. Named Entity Recognition (NER) refers to the identification and classification of entities mentioned in unstructured text into pre-defined...