Abeyance and Dispersal GP Codes

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This dataset comprises of Abeyance and Dispersal General Practitioners (GP) Codes. It includes name and address information, identifying codes, Joined and Left Parent dates and contact telephone number for abeyance and dispersal GP Codes.


The Organization Data Service (ODS) is provided by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). It is responsible for the publication of all organization and practitioner codes and national policy and standards with regard to the majority of organization codes, and encompasses the functionality and services previously provided by the National Administrative Codes Service (NACS).

These code standards form part of the NHS data standards. The HSCIC is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ODS and for its overall development.

Usually, when a General Practitioners (GP) retires or leaves a practice, a successor is appointed prior to the departure of the outgoing GP. In such cases, if the GP in question holds their own ‘list’ of patients on the Practice and National Health Applications and Infrastructure Services (NHAIS) systems, these are transferred to the new GP (referred to as the successor) using bulk transfer processes. There are, however, two circumstances where this is not possible:
– Where a successor has yet to be appointed, the NHAIS system currently offers the facility to set the individual GP list to ‘abeyance’. This leaves the patients technically registered with the departing GP until a successor can be obtained. In practice, the patients are usually still treated by the remaining partners in the practice, or sometimes a locum is employed temporarily by the practice. This process ensures the practice list is still calculated appropriately for payment.
– When a successor is not actively being sought, the NHAIS dispersal function is used; patients registered with the GP are written to advising them to register with a new GP.

In order to ensure that NHS Strategic Tracing Service (NSTS) and Personal Demographics Service (PDS) are correct, it is necessary to set up Abeyance/Dispersal codes; these take the form of GP Practitioner format codes which relate to a practice rather than an individual GP, and ODS has responsibility for this.

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General Practitioner (GP), Abeyance and Dispersal Codes, GP Practices, General Practice Doctor, General Doctor, General Medical Practices, National Health Service (NHS), Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), National Administrative Codes Service (NACS), National Health Applications and Infrastructure Services (NHAIS)

Other Titles

Obeyance And Dispersal General Practitioners Codes, ODS Registration With Obeyance And Dispersal GP Codes, List of Obeyance And Dispersal GP Codes

Organization_CodeAn eight digit alpha-numeric code that represents the organization.stringrequired : 1
Name_of_OrganizationIdentifies the name of the organization.stringrequired : 1
Address_Line1Main Address of the organization.stringrequired : 1
Address_Line2Secondary address of the organization.string-
Address_Line3Remaining part of the address where the organization is located.string-
Address_Line4Remaining part of the address where the organization is located.stringrequired : 1
Address_Line5Remaining part of the address where the organization is located.stringrequired : 1
Zip_CodeThe zip code of the organization.stringrequired : 1
Open_DateThe opening date of the organization.daterequired : 1
Close_DateThe closing date of the organization.date-
Organization_Sub_TypeDepicts the organization sub-type.stringrequired : 1 enum : Array
Parent_Organization_CodeA code for GP Practice this code is linked to.stringrequired : 1
Joined_Parent_Organization_DateDate when the organization joined the parent organization.daterequired : 1
Left_Parent_Organization_DateDate when the organization left the parent organization.date-
Contact_Telephone_NumberThe telephone number to contact the organization.string-
Is_Record_AmendedIndicates whether the record is amended or not.booleanrequired : 1
Current_Care_Organization_CodeRefers to the Primary Care Organization code for the General Medical Practitioners Current or latest GP Practice.stringrequired : 1
G7820768DR C S COTTEE20 RUSH HILLBATHAVONBA2 2QH2015-04-01AbeyanceL816442015-04-01false11E
G7807675DR HOWCROFTPENYBONT ROADKNIGHTONPOWYSLD7 1HB2009-04-01AbeyanceM826202009-04-01false05N
G7808528DR DAS79 CHURCH STREETLEIGHLANCASHIREWN7 1AZ2009-12-02AbeyanceP926432009-12-02false02H
G7821329P S WEBB148 HAREPATH ROADSEATONDEVONEX12 2DU2016-01-25AbeyanceL830072016-01-25false99P
G7821886HYDE PARK2 HYDE PARK ROADPLYMOUTHDEVONPL3 4RJ2017-03-22AbeyanceL836582017-03-22false99P
G7833641S A EWINGS12 BARNFIELD HILLEXETERDEVONEX1 1SR2015-10-01AbeyanceL830242015-10-01false99P
G7802955DR UBEROY30 DORIAN ROADHORNCHURCHESSEXRM12 4AN2008-01-30AbeyanceF826462008-01-30false08F
G7818257DR R L WHARTON129 NEWBRIDGE HILLBATHAVONBA1 3PT2013-08-22AbeyanceL810702013-08-22false11E
G7821714MAYPOLE SURGERY8 HOOK ROADSURBITONSURREYKT6 5BH2017-02-09AbeyanceH840492017-02-09false08J
G7805628DR A SAGAR66 TEEHEY LANEWIRRALMERSEYSIDECH63 2JN2008-10-01AbeyanceN850572008-10-01false12F