Aggregate Volume of Outpatient Procedures

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This dataset includes the aggregate count of selected outpatient procedures performed within the outpatient department from all-payer data. It also contains information regarding outpatient procedures for Cardiovascular, Eye, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Nervous System and Skin, etc.


The Aggregate Volume of Outpatient Procedures performed within the outpatient department e.g outpatient surgery, cath lab, endoscopy from all-payer data. This excludes procedures performed within the emergency department (ED). Hospital outpatient procedures fall into one of seven categories: Cardiovascular, Eye, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Nervous System, Skin.

Medical procedures are moving into outpatient facilities, mainly due to technological advances such as minimally invasive surgical procedures. But value-based care incentives are also playing a role in this trend. Healthcare services can be categorized into outpatient depending on where the procedure is performed and the length of stay. Outpatient care refers to medical services and procedures, typically low-acuity ones that do not require an overnight hospital stay. Although outpatient procedures may not be for medical emergencies and are often less complex than surgeries requiring an overnight hospital stay, it’s still important to do homework to make sure to experience the best care.

The number of outpatient procedures performed in the United States is on the rise. In fact, it has tripled over the past 30 years to more than 54 million a year. That almost equals the number of procedures that require hospital stays. In general, eye and ear surgeries are likely to be outpatient. Obstetrical procedures, on the other hand, are nearly all inpatient. The advantages of outpatient procedure over inpatient surgery include greater convenience and reduced costs.

In this dataset, the Measure Id used is OP-26 that represents the Hospital Outpatient volume data on selected outpatient surgical procedures. The start and end measure dates for the aggregate volume of outpatient procedures data cover the period from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017.

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Other Titles

Outpatient Procedures For Hospital Outpatient Departments, Number of Outpatient Procedures Performed For Aggregate Volume, Procedures Performed Within the Emergency Department Regarding Aggregate Count Data

Provider_IDCMS certification number (CCN). Identification number of the hospital within the CMS dataset. The CCN for providers and suppliers is a 6 digit number. The first 2 digits identify the State in which the provider is located. The last 4 digits identify the type of facility.integerlevel : Nominal
Hospital_NameName of the hospital (also referred to as the provider).string-
GastrointestinalAggregate count of outpatient procedures volume data on Gastrointestinal.integerlevel : Ratio
EyeAggregate count of outpatient procedures volume data on Eye.integerlevel : Ratio
Nervous_SystemAggregate count of outpatient procedures volume data on Nervous System.integerlevel : Ratio
MusculoskeletalAggregate count of outpatient procedures volume data on Musculoskeletal.integerlevel : Ratio
SkinAggregate count of outpatient procedures volume data on Skin.integerlevel : Ratio
GenitourinaryAggregate count of outpatient procedures volume data on Genitourinary.integerlevel : Ratio
CardiovascularAggregate count of outpatient procedures volume data on Cardiovascular.integerlevel : Ratio
RespiratoryAggregate count of outpatient procedures volume data on Respiratory.integerlevel : Ratio
OtherAggregate count of volume data for 'Other' outpatient procedures.integerlevel : Ratio
Provider IDHospital NameGastrointestinalEyeNervous SystemMusculoskeletalSkinGenitourinaryCardiovascularRespiratoryOther
10001SOUTHEAST ALABAMA MEDICAL CENTER23273053171384559212302
10005MARSHALL MEDICAL CENTER SOUTH4977125361820438137053
10006NORTH ALABAMA MEDICAL CENTER499208018933303832318657
10007MIZELL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL168203017409105705
10011ST VINCENT'S EAST13440273091692522218335
10012DEKALB REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER85331101483451327216
10016SHELBY BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER59204766521445559009758
10019HELEN KELLER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL399283497164555372642118