Alcoholic Beverage Wet And Dry Local Options

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This dataset contains information on in-force local options regarding sales of alcoholic beverages for municipalities across New York state beginning in 1948.


The State Liquor Authority (SLA) regulates the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. The SLA maintains offices in New York City, Albany (which serves as the agency headquarters), and Buffalo. Towns can determine whether they want to be wet, dry or partially dry through local option elections.
Data Collection Methodology: Base information corresponds to that retained at the SLA based upon the results of local option elections in towns.

Statistical and Analytical Issues: Correlations could be made for different variables as a user of the data assesses the information.

Limitations of Data Use: The data is straightforward and indicates the facts associated with each local option election

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New York State


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York, NYSLA Secretary’s Office/New York State Office of Information Technology Services;

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Food Safety, Retail Food Store, NY Data, Food Store Data

Other Titles

NYC Retail Food Store List, List of Retail Food Stores in New York City

CountyCounty of Intereststringrequired : 1 maxLength : 12
TownMunicipality of Intereststringrequired : 1 maxLength : 13
Year_Voted_on_BallotLast Year Option Was Changeddaterequired : 1 maxLength : 4
Local_Option_TypeLocal Option Type for Locationstringrequired : 1 maxLength : 13
Description_ParametersExplains the Option Type as it relates to Alcohol Sales, and Wet and Dry On‐Premises and Off‐Premises Consumptionstringrequired : 1 maxLength : 257
OswegoOrwell1998DRYNo Alcohol Sold
SteubenJasper1999DRYNo Alcohol Sold
CortlandLapeer1948DRYNo Alcohol Sold
SteubenFremont1948DRYNo Alcohol Sold
TiogaBerkshire1998DRYNo Alcohol Sold
AlleganyCaneadea1986DRYNo Alcohol Sold
ChautauquaClymer1974DRYNo Alcohol Sold
WashingtonArgyle2000DRYNo Alcohol Sold
SullivanNeversink2010DRYNo Alcohol Sold
WayneRose1978PARTIALLY DRYWet for Off-Premises Consumption; Dry for On-Premises Consumption