• What is the only state in the US that has control of the sale of beer, wine, and spirits?
  • What states can you buy liquor at the grocery store?
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  • Alcohol Beverage Control Law
  • Alcoholic Beverage Control States
  • US Alcohol Sales Laws
  • NYC ABC Laws
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  • Alcohol Use In The United States

Alcoholic Beverage Control Data Package

$537 $374 / YEAR

This data package contains all the information about alcoholic beverages, their local options either wet or dry, sales and permits issued by the State Liquor Authority across New York State.

- Complete list of active permits available - Complete list of local options - Brand Label and Whole Sale information beneficial for the Buyers and sellers
1. Alcoholic Beverage Wet And Dry Local Options ($179)
2. Brand Label and Wholesale Information for Registered Alcohol Products ($179)
3. List of Active Permits Issued by Liquor Authority ($179)