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All Countries Latitude Longitude

This dataset provides country code, postal code, latitude, longitude, as well as names of state, county/province, community etc. for all countries where the data is available.

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For many countries latitude and longitude are determined with an algorithm that searches the place names in the main geonames database
using administrative divisions and numerical vicinity of the postal codes as factors in the disambiguation of place names.
For postal codes and place name for which no corresponding toponym in the main geonames database could be found an average
latitude and longitude of ‘neighboring’ postal codes is calculated.

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John Snow Labs; GeoNames;

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The Data is provided "as is" without warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness or completeness.

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Country Code, Postal Code, All Countries Latitude, All Countries Longitude, Longitude

Other Titles

Countries Locatopn, GPS Coordinate

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
GeonameIDInteger id of record in geonames databaseintegerlevel : Nominalrequired : 1
NameName of geographical point (utf8) varchar(200)stringrequired : 1
ASCII_NameName of geographical point in plain ascii characters, varchar(200)string-
Alternate_Namesalternatenames, comma separated, ascii names automatically transliterated, varchar(10000)string-
LatitudeLatitude in decimal degrees (wgs84)numberrequired : 1
LongitudeLongitude in decimal degrees (wgs84)numberrequired : 1
Feature_ClassThere are currently 9 feature classesstring-
Feature_CodeGeoNames uses the same feature code as the United States National Geospatial-Intelligence Agencystring-
Country_CodeISO-3166 2-letter country code, 2 charactersstring-
Alternate_Country_CodeAlternate country codes, comma separated, ISO-3166 2-letter country code, 200 charactersstring-
FIPS_CodeFIPS county code is a five-digit Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code which uniquely identifies counties and county equivalents in the United Statesstring-
Admin2_CodeCode for the second administrative division, a county in the US, see file admin2Codes.txt; varchar(80)string-
Admin3_CodeCode for third level administrative divisionstring-
Admin4_CodeCode for fourth level administrative divisionstring-
PopulationPopulation of the placeintegerlevel : Ratio
ElevationElevation in meters, integerintegerlevel : Ratio
Digital_Elevation_Modelsrtm3 or gtopo30, avg elevation of 3''x3'' (ca 90mx90m) or 30''x30'' (ca 900mx900m) area in meter. srtm processed by cgiar/ciat.integerlevel : Ratio
TimezoneThe timezone idstring-
Modification_DateDate of last modificationdate-

Data Preview

GeonameIDNameASCII NameAlternate NamesLatitudeLongitudeFeature ClassFeature CodeCountry CodeAlternate Country CodeFIPS CodeAdmin2 CodeAdmin3 CodeAdmin4 CodePopulationElevationDigital Elevation ModelTimezoneModification Date
2986043Pic de Font BlancaPic de Font BlancaPic de Font Blanca,Pic du Port42.649911.53335TPKAD0002860Europe/Andorra2014-11-05
2994701Roc MéléRoc MeleRoc Mele,Roc Meler,Roc Mélé42.587651.7402799999999998TMTADAD,FR0002803Europe/Andorra2020-06-10
3007683Pic des LangounellesPic des LangounellesPic des Langounelles42.612031.47364TPKADAD,FR0002685Europe/Andorra2014-11-05
3017832Pic de les AbelletesPic de les AbelletesPic de la Font-Negre,Pic de la Font-Nègre,Pic de les Abelletes42.525351.73343TPKADFRA966.0663.066146.002411Europe/Andorra2014-11-05
3017833Estany de les AbelletesEstany de les AbelletesEstany de les Abelletes,Etang de Font-Negre,Étang de Font-Nègre42.529151.7336200000000002HLKADFRA902260Europe/Andorra2014-11-05
3023203Port Vieux de la Coume d’OsePort Vieux de la Coume d'OsePort Vieux de Coume d'Ose,Port Vieux de Coume d’Ose,Port Vieux de la Coume d'Ose,Port Vieux de la Coume d’Ose42.6256799999999961.6182299999999998TPASSAD0002687Europe/Andorra2014-11-05
3029315Port de la CabanettePort de la CabanettePort de la Cabanette,Porteille de la Cabanette42.61.73333TPASSADAD,FRB39.091.09139.002379Europe/Andorra2014-11-05
3034945Port DretPort DretPort Dret,Port de Bareites,Port de las Bareytes,Port des Bareytes42.601721.4556200000000001TPASSAD0002660Europe/Andorra2014-11-05
3038814Costa de XuriusCosta de Xurius42.506921.47569TSLPAD0701839Europe/Andorra2015-03-08
3038815Font de la XonaFont de la Xona42.550031.44986HSPNGAD0401976Europe/Andorra2010-01-11