Drinking Water Quality Distribution Monitoring Data

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This dataset provides an overview of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) research results from investigating water quality monitoring sensor technologies that might be used to serve as a real-time contamination warning system (CWS) when a contaminant is introduced into a drinking water distribution system.

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Based on a review of available online water quality monitoring sensor technologies, an early determination was made that it was not technically feasible to accurately identify and quantify the many different types of contaminants that could potentially be introduced into the drinking water supply/distribution system.

Furthermore, because online sensor technologies need to be economically suitable for mass deployment within a distribution system, EPA focused its research on identifying sensor technologies that could be used to detect anomalous changes in water quality due to contamination event(s). Once a water quality anomaly is detected, the water utility operator is alerted, and further actions (e.g., sampling and analysis) could be undertaken by the operator to identify and quantify the contaminant if necessary. This report focuses on EPA’s research on pilot-scale evaluations of available online water quality monitoring sensor instrumentation.

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2015-01 to 2020-08

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United States


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York;

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Drinking Water, Water Quality, Water Utilities, Water Treatment Plant, Water Testing, Water Quality Testing, Water Treatment

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Water Quality Distribution Monitoring Data, Drinking Water Supply or Distribution System

Sample_NumberWater Quality Sample Number for Monitoringintegerlevel : Nominal
Sample_DateDate of sample provided for Monitoringdate-
Sample_SiteWater Quality Sample Sitestring-
Sample_ClassSample Class (Compliance, Operational, Resample Compliance)string-
Water_Sample_LocationSample Location for Waterstring-
Residual_Free_ChlorineFree Chlorine in mg/Lnumberlevel : Ratio
Turbidity_NTUNephelometric Turbidity Unit (NTU)string-
FluorideFluoride in water (mg/L)string-
ColiformColiform in water (Quanti-Tray) (MPN /100mL)string-
E_ColiE. coli Bacteria Infection in water (Quanti-Tray) (MPN/100mL)string-
Sample NumberSample DateSample SiteSample ClassWater Sample LocationResidual Free ChlorineTurbidity NTUFluorideColiformE Coli
2015-01-011S07OperationalSS - Shaft 7 of City Tunnel No. 1 - W/S Sedgwick Ave OPP W 167th St (Tun 1)0.580.960.79<1<1
2015-01-011S03AOperationalSS - Shaft 3A of City Tunnel No. 2 - IFO 823 S/S E 233rd St, W/O Bronxwood Ave0.790.930.79<1<1
2015-01-011S03BOperationalSS - Shaft 3B of City Tunnel No. 3 - Mosholu Ave, W/O Jerome Ave0.770.930.8<1<1
2015-01-0111550ComplianceSS - IFO 1058 S/S E Gun Hill Rd, 1st SS E/O Hone Ave, 12 inch0.740.95<1<1
2015-01-0113850ComplianceSS - IFO 1778 E/S Jerome Ave, 1st SS S/O E 176th St, 12 inch0.591.08<1<1
2015-01-0115550ComplianceSS - IFO 2499 W/S Grand Ave, 1st SS S/O W 190th St, 12 inch0.540.9<1<1
2015-01-0117550ComplianceSS - IFO 309 N/S E 149th St, 2nd SS W/O Courtlandt Ave, 12 inch0.561.0<1<1
2015-01-0120900OperationalSS - IFO 177 S/S Sands St, btw Gold & Bridge Sts, 30 inch0.540.92<1<1
2015-01-0121850ComplianceSS - IFO 37 E/S 7th Ave, 1st SS S/O St Johns Pl, 12 inch0.550.91<1<1