Alley Lights Out Service Request

$447.50 / year

This dataset contains all open 311 reports of one or more lights out on a wooden pole in the alley and all completed requests since January 1, 2011.


Most city alleys are illuminated with 250-watt lights. Over the past decade the number of these alley lights has increased significantly – from 46, 000 in 1989 to more than 67,000 today. Requests for additional alley lights from block clubs and other community organizations—including participants in Chicago’s Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) groups are a priority. The request must be made through Alderman and approved by them. The Department of Transportation has implemented several group relamping programs to reduce outages and lower maintenance costs.

If two requests regarding the same address are made within 30 calendar days of each other, the newest CSR (Customer Sales Representative) is automatically given the status of “Duplicate (Open)”. Once the alley light is repaired, the CSR status will read “Completed” for the original request and “Duplicate (Closed)” for any duplicate requests.

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Chicago United States


John Snow Labs; Data City of Chicago;

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Lights Out, Alley Lights Out, Lights Out Service Request, Watch Lights, Light Pole, Street Lights

Other Titles

Chicago Lights Out Service Request, 311 Reports Service Request

Creation_DateService Request Created Datedate-
Request_StatusStatus of Service Requeststring-
Completion_DateService Request Completion Datedate-
Service_Request_NumberA Unique Number Assigned to Service Requeststring-
Street_AddressAddress of the Requesting citizenstring-
ZIP_CodeZip Codeintegerlevel : Nominal
Ward_NumberThe ward number used in the street.integerlevel : Nominal
Police_DistrictIndicates the police district where the lights out service was requested.integerlevel : Nominal
Community_AreaIndicates the community area where the lights out service was requested. Chicago has 77 community areas.integerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude Location of Service Requestednumber-
LongitudeLongitude Location of Service Requestednumber-
2013-04-08Completed2013-04-0813-003940621 S YATES
2013-06-20Completed2013-06-2013-00792289520 W 66TH
2013-02-08Completed2013-02-0813-001515701 W IRVING
2013-06-03Completed2013-06-0313-006822541 W LAKE42132
2013-04-26Completed2013-04-2613-004917231 W LAKE42132
2013-04-25Completed2013-04-2513-004853831 W LAKE42132
2013-04-24Completed2013-04-2413-004793741 W LAKE42132
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