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  • Austin Airport Annual Performance Measures 2012-2014
  • Austin Airport Performance


  • Airport Quality Check
  • Airport Annual Performance
  • Airport Annual Performance Measures
  • Austin International Airports

Austin Airport Annual Performance Measures

This dataset contains the City of Austin’s Airport Annual Performance Measures for year 2012, 2013 and 2014.

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Annual Performance Measures from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Covers a broad spectrum of categories from our four Strategic Focus areas: Customer and Community Value; Operational Excellence; Environmental Stewardship; and Economic Sustainability. Airport Performance Measures is designed to help airports around the world in their performance management efforts by providing a useful set of performance measures across a number of categories.

Airports operate under very different circumstances in terms of aviation activities, commercial activities, site constraints, governance and ownership structure, etc., and as a result, individual airports will find different performance indicators to be most relevant and useful. For example, privatized airports are likely to focus on different financial PIs (Performance Indicators) than non-profit government-owned airports. Larger airports are likely to focus on different PIs than smaller airports. Airports with large developable land areas are likely to focus on different PIs than tightly constrained airports in large urban areas.

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Austin, United States


John Snow Labs; Data City of Austin;

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Airport Quality Check, Airport Annual Performance, Airport Annual Performance Measures, Austin International Airports

Other Titles

Austin Airport Annual Performance Measures 2012-2014, Austin Airport Performance

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Airport_Terminal_PerformanceIndicators used to measure the airport terminal performance per year.string-
Performance_Year_2012Airport Performance Year 2012numberlevel : Ratio
Performance_in_Dollars_2012Airport Performance in Dollars for year 2012numberlevel : Ratio
Performance_in_Percentage_2012Airport Performance in Percentage for year 2012numberlevel : Ratio
Performance_Year_2013Airport Performance Year 2013numberlevel : Ratio
Performance_in_Dollars_2013Airport Performance in Dollars for year 2013numberlevel : Ratio
Performance_in_Percentage_2013Airport Performance in Percentage for year 2013numberlevel : Ratio
Performance_Year_2014Airport Performance Year 2014numberlevel : Ratio
Performance_in_Dollars_2014Airport Performance in Dollars for year 2014numberlevel : Ratio
Performance_in_Percentage_2014Airport Performance in Percentage for year 2014numberlevel : Ratio

Data Preview

Airport Terminal PerformancePerformance Year 2012Performance Year 2013Performance Year 2014
Terminal Electricity Use: KWH227151462227805622836040
Terminal Natural Gas Use: CCF99776137272141207
Terminal Water Use: Gallons253031002695916828466050
Terminal Wastewater Use: Gallons249621002672200028466050
Campus Electrity Use: KWH306539042926429429660980
Campus Natural Gas Use: CCF144421187202197246
Campus Water Use: Gallons508778004450790047865700
Campus Reclaimed Water Use: Gallons118184001153100017150000
Campus Waste Water Use: Gallons371647003164923234484800
Percentage Green Choice Electricity100100100