Other Titles

  • Weights, Measures, and Other Tests
  • Availability Of Structural Measures
  • Hospitals Care For Patients
  • Quality Measures Reporting
  • Corporate Plan And Performance Reporting


  • MTA Performance Indicators
  • Nursing Home Quality
  • Standard Area Measurements
  • UK Habitats Directive Report
  • Unified Codes For SI Units
  • Water Framework Measures
  • Air Quality Measures
  • Austin Airport Annual Performance
  • LBB Performance
  • School Survey Report

Quality Performance Measures Data Package

This data package contains the quality measures such as Air Quality, Austin Airport, LBB Performance Report, School Survey, Child Poverty, System International Units, Weight Measures etc

Value to the agencies who are related to Quality performance such as Air Quality Measures, Austin Airport Annual Performance, LBB Performance, Nursing Home Quality Measures, etc.

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