Basic Stand Alone Hospice Beneficiary PUF

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This dataset contains the Basic Stand Alone (BSA) Hospice Beneficiary Public Use File (PUF) data, based on information from Medicare hospice claims. Each record is a beneficiary who had at least one hospice claim from a random 5% sample of Medicare beneficiaries.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Hospice Beneficiary dataset (PUF) originates from a 5% simple random sample of beneficiaries drawn (without replacement) from the 100% Beneficiary Summary File for the reference year. The sample that is used for the CMS BSA Hospice Beneficiary PUF is disjoint from the existing 5% CMS research sample in the sense that there is no overlap in terms of the beneficiaries in the CMS BSA Hospice Beneficiary dataset (PUF) and the 5% CMS research sample. It is also disjoint from other CMS BSA Public Use Files (i.e., CMS 2008 Inpatient Claims PUF, CMS 2008 DME Line Items PUF, CMS 2008 PDE PUF, CMS 2008 Hospice Beneficiary PUF, CMS 2008 Outpatient Procedures PUF, CMS 2008 HHA Beneficiary PUF, and CMS 2008 Carrier Line Items PUF) that have been released so far. This property prevents users from linking data across multiple files for identification purposes.

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John Snow Labs; Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services;

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Medicare Hospice PUF, CMS Public Use File, Hospice Claims, Hospice Payments, Hospice Beneficiaries, Beneficiaries By Gender, Beneficiaries By Age, Hospice Diagnosis, Hospice Care Days, Hospice Deceased

Other Titles

Medicare Hospice Care Claims, Medicare Hospice Services Utilization, Medicare Hospice Beneficiaries

GenderThe gender of the hospice Medicare services beneficiarystring-
AgeThe age of the hospice Medicare services beneficiarystring-
Is_Deceased_At_Discharge_Or_Not_Patient_The_End_Of_2010Indicates whether the beneficiary was deceased at discharge from hospice care or notboolean-
Hospice_DiagnosisSpecifies the patient’s terminal diagnosisstring-
Is_Hospice_Diagnosis_CancerIndicates whether the patient’s terminal diagnosis is cancer or notboolean-
Hospice_Care_DaysThe number of calendar days the beneficiary received Medicare covered hospice carestring-
Hospice_Claim_Payment_AmountThe total payments made by Medicare for the hospice claims of the beneficiary; the Medicare payments amounts between $0 and $124.99 are suppressednumber-
Similar_BeneficiariesThe number of beneficiaries that share the same characteristics (i.e., all remaining variables of the PUF: gender, age category, indicator for whether or not deceased, terminal diagnosis, indicator for whether or not terminal diagnosis is cancer, days of covered services, and payment amount)integerlevel : Ratio
Male65-69 years oldtrueOthertrue1 - 7 days1
Male70-74 years oldtrueOthertrue1 - 7 days1
Male75-79 years oldtrueOthertrue1 - 7 days3
Male80-84 years oldtrueOthertrue1 - 7 days4
Male85-89 years oldtrueOthertrue1 - 7 days1
Male65-69 years oldtrueOtherfalse1 - 7 days1
Male75-79 years oldtrueOtherfalse1 - 7 days2
Male75-79 years oldtrueOthertrue8 - 30 days1
Male80-84 years oldtrueOtherfalse1 - 7 days5
Male85-89 years oldtrueOtherfalse1 - 7 days5