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Basic Stand Alone Medicare Claims Public Use Files Data Package

$2,327 $1,627 / YEAR

This data package contains claims-based data about beneficiaries of Medicare program services including: Inpatient, Outpatient, related to Chronic Conditions, Skilled Nursing Facility, Home Health Agency, Hospice, Carrier, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and data related to Prescription Drug Events. It is necessary to mention that the values are estimated and counted, by using a random sample of fee-for-service Medicare claims.

Useful for public health specialist, specialized public and private institutions, including educational institutions. CMS Public Use Files are designed to offer to researchers and analysts a convenient initial look at data drawn from CMS claims records. The data can serve not only analysis about the use of Medicare-covered services but also to assess the financial impact for a single service or for multiple services compared. The raw version can be found on author's website, but John Snow Labs (JSL) is offering a clean, standardized and ready to be used datasets. In JSL datasets location, gender, age and other variables data are enhanced and optimized to be ready for use for analysis, charts and along with data from other datasets. The fields descriptions along with the dataset description are again useful for user to quick understand the data and the dataset.
1. BSA Durable Medical Equipment Line Items PUF ($179)
2. BSA Outpatient Procedures PUF 2010 ($179)
3. BSA Prescription Drug Events PUF 2008 ($716)
4. BSA Skilled Nursing Facility Beneficiary PUF ($179)
5. Basic Stand Alone Carrier Line Items PUF 2010 ($179)
6. Basic Stand Alone Home Health Agency Beneficiary PUF ($179)
7. Basic Stand Alone Hospice Beneficiary PUF ($179)
8. Basic Stand Alone Inpatient Claims PUF 2008 ($179)
9. Chronic Conditions Public Use File ($179)
10. Institutional Provider And Beneficiary Summary PUF ($179)