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Bloomington All Open 311 Request Reports

This dataset contains all open 311 request reports in the city of Bloomington. Open311 reports typically include requests for pothole repair, street signal light bulb replacement, graffiti removal, and sidewalk repair. Open311 cities publish these services through a web API (Application Programming Interface).

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This dataset shows all following requests made to 311 service:

– Abandoned Vehicle
– Accessibility Problem
– Animal Control
– Biking & Walking
– Blocked sidewalk
– Blocked Street
– Bus Services (Bloomington Transit)
– Business
– City Performance
– Crow Sightings
– Drainage or RunoffExcessive Growth
– Fire Hazards
– Graffiti
– Inaccessible Parking
– Leaf Collection
– Line of Sight
– Open311 API Key Request
– Parking Requests
– Street Requests
– Waste Requests
– Water Requests

Open 311 is a broad effort to establish an open technology platform and common standards to help governments manage and respond effectively to citizens’ service requests. Digital applications can use this API to report constituent issues to the municipality for action. The City of Bloomington has produced and deployed a companion Open 311 server and mobile application. Both systems are open source and may be used by other municipalities and organizations to provide Open 311 services in their communities.

About this Dataset

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Bloomington, Indiana


John Snow Labs; Data City of Bloomington;

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Excessive Growth Reports, Excessive Growth Data, Overgrown Vegetation, Overgrown Vegetation Complaints, Vegetation on Roads, Yard Waste Complaints, 311 Requests, 311 Open Service, Graffiti Request, Open 311 Service

Other Titles

Bloomington 311 Requests, Open 311 Service Requests

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Service_Request_IdA unique identification code for complaintintegerlevel : Nominal
Requested_DatetimeDate and Time when complaint was requesteddatetime-
Updated_DatetimeUpdate Date and Time of complaint was requesteddatetime-
Closed_DateDate when complaint was closeddatetime-
Is_StatusStatus of the complaint (closed = false and open = true)boolean-
SourceSource of filing complaintstring-
Service_Name311 Service Namestring-
DescriptionDescription of the service requestedstring-
Agency_ResponsibleResponsible agency for resolving complaintstring-
AddressAddress where service requested complaint was filedstring-
LatitudeLatitude location for the requested servicenumber-
LongitudeLongitude location for the requested servicenumber-

Data Preview

Service Request IdRequested DatetimeUpdated DatetimeClosed DateIs StatusSourceService NameDescriptionAgency ResponsibleAddressLatitudeLongitude
4962011-06-23T04:00:002016-09-11T22:02:052011-08-05T13:25:12FalsePhone CallExcessive Growthlawn not mowedHAND2611 E Roundhill LN39.13965225-86.50093842
5062011-06-22T04:00:002016-09-11T22:02:052011-08-05T13:25:48FalsePhone CallExcessive GrowthNever mows grass, two cars that never move parked in drive.HAND2611 E Roundhill LN39.13965225-86.50093842
5462011-06-21T04:00:002016-09-11T22:02:052012-03-02T16:00:57FalsePhone CallExcessive GrowthTall grass.HAND3209 S Autumn LN39.13451385-86.50647736
5692011-06-20T04:00:002016-09-11T22:02:052011-06-20T04:00:00FalsePhone CallExcessive GrowthThis is the property that was formally the Downtown Motel and Uncle E's at the corner of 9th & Morton Street. The grass is very high and unsightly.HAND508 N Morton ST39.17077637-86.53593445
6202011-06-13T04:00:002016-09-11T22:02:052011-06-13T04:00:00FalsePhone CallExcessive GrowthTall grass1301 W Woodhill DR39.1570015-86.54748535
6212011-06-13T04:00:002016-09-11T22:02:052011-06-13T04:00:00FalsePhone CallExcessive GrowthTall grass.1401 W Woodhill DR39.15693283-86.54839325
6842011-06-08T04:00:002016-09-11T22:02:052011-06-08T04:00:00FalsePhone CallExcessive Growth1301 W Woodhill DR39.1570015-86.54748535
10572011-05-10T04:00:002016-09-11T22:02:052011-05-10T04:00:00FalsePhone CallExcessive Growth816 S Larkspur LN39.15740204-86.54760742
14702011-06-30T19:02:592016-09-11T22:02:052011-11-03T20:49:31FalseExcessive Growth816 S Larkspur LN39.15740204-86.54760742
14712011-06-30T19:43:352016-09-11T22:02:052011-11-03T20:49:21FalseExcessive Growth1301 W Woodhill DR39.1570015-86.54748535