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  • Bloomington Police Department
  • Bloomington Police
  • Bloomington Police Demographics
  • Police Demographics Data
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Bloomington Police Department Employee Data

This dataset of raw data identifies race, gender, and age of all Bloomington Police Department employees, as well as lists the education of all sworn personnel.

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The mission of the Bloomington Police Department is to provide excellence in policing by protecting, serving and partnering with our community to improve its quality of life.

The Bloomington Police Department is committed to open interaction with the community. Commitments include:

– Service with honor and integrity.
– Vigorous enforcement of laws.
– Excellence in leadership.
– Partnerships with business, neighborhood and youth communities.
– Collaborative approaches to problem solving.
– Recognition of the dignity and cultural identity of each employee and citizen.

The Bloomington Police Department takes great effort in making all sets of data as accurate as possible, but there is no avoiding the introduction of errors in this process. Information contained in this dataset may change over a period of time. The Bloomington Police Department is not responsible for any error or omission from this data or for the use, or interpretation of the results of any research conducted.

The City of Bloomington Police Department is a full-service police agency, providing police protection to a city of approximately 85,000 residents and a land area of approximately 20 square miles. The Police Department employs 150 full-time persons: 100 sworn officers and 50 civilian employees. As part of the department, the Central Emergency Dispatch Center (CEDC), gathers and maintains law enforcement records and provides general operations and maintenance support.

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City Of Bloomington - Bloomington, Indiana United States


John Snow Labs; Data City Of Bloomington;

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US Police Department, US Police Department Data, Bloomington Police Demographics, Police Department Employees Data, Bloomington Police Department, Bloomington Police, Bloomington Police Demographics, Police Demographics Data, US Police Employees

Other Titles

Crime Reports and Statistics, Bloomington Police Data, Bloomington Critical Incident Response Team

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Police_TitleTitle of the police serving in Bloomington police departmentstring-
Is_SwornThe Police Department employs 150 full-time persons: 100 sworn officers and 50 civilian employees.boolean-
Is_CivilianThe Police Department employs 150 full-time persons: 100 sworn officers and 50 civilian employees.boolean-
AgeAge of the police employeeintegerlevel : Nominal
GenderGender of the policestring-
Race_EthnicityRace ethnicity ("A" Asian/Pacific Island, Non-Hispanic "B" African American, Non-Hispanic "L" Caucasian, Hispanic "W" Caucasian, Non-Hispanicstring-
EducationInformation about police educationstring-
Updated_DateData updated date (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter)string-

Data Preview

Ev Techtrue49MaleW2019-05-02
Ev Techtrue55MaleW2019-05-03