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  • Beach Water and Weather Sensor Locations
  • Maintenance of Sensors in the Water at Beaches


  • Beaches Sensors
  • Beach Water Quality
  • Weather Sensor Locations

Chicago Beach Water Quality Automated Sensors Report

This dataset contains the report of the automated sensors in the water of Chicago beaches. This report includes date and time of measurement for water temperature, turbidity, transducer depth, wave height and period among others.

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The Chicago Park District maintains sensors in the water at beaches along Chicago’s Lake Michigan Lakefront. These sensors generally capture the indicated measurements hourly while the sensors are in operation during the summer. During other seasons and at some other times, information from the sensors is not available.

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John Snow Labs; Data City of Chicago;

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Beaches Sensors, Beach Water Quality, Weather Sensor Locations

Other Titles

Beach Water and Weather Sensor Locations, Maintenance of Sensors in the Water at Beaches

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Beach_NameName of beach where sensors are maintainedstring-
Measurement_DateThe date when the measurements were takenstring-
Water_TemperatureWater temperature in Celsius degrees.numberlevel : Interval
TurbidityWater turbidity in Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU)numberlevel : Ratio
Transducer_DepthTransducer depth in metersnumberlevel : Ratio
Wave_HeightWave height in metersnumberlevel : Ratio
Wave_PeriodWave period in secondsintegerlevel : Ratio
Battery_LifeBattery voltage, an indicator of remaining battery life used by the Chicago Park District to know when batteries should be replaced.numberlevel : Ratio
Measurement_IDA unique record ID made up of the Beach Name and Measurement Timestampstring-

Data Preview

Beach NameMeasurement DateWater TemperatureTurbidityTransducer DepthWave HeightWave PeriodBattery LifeMeasurement ID
Calumet Beach04/07/2018 00:3021.73.150.38930.0CalumetBeach201804072430
Ohio Street Beach06/14/2019 07:00:00 PM16.02.180.13699999999999998311.8OhioStreetBeach201906141900
Ohio Street Beach05/16/2018 01:00:00 PM21.71.920.023110.3OhioStreetBeach201805161300
Ohio Street Beach05/16/2018 02:00:00 PM21.91.810.026000000000000002610.3OhioStreetBeach201805161400
Ohio Street Beach06/04/2018 09:0023.00.030.021812.4OhioStreetBeach201806040900
Ohio Street Beach06/04/2018 10:0017.63.090.159412.6OhioStreetBeach201806041000
Ohio Street Beach06/04/2018 12:0019.32.960.157412.5OhioStreetBeach201806041200
Ohio Street Beach06/04/2018 13:0019.62.810.16699999999999998412.5OhioStreetBeach201806041300
Ohio Street Beach06/04/2018 15:0018.23.060.149412.5OhioStreetBeach201806041500
Ohio Street Beach06/04/2018 16:0018.63.070.159412.4OhioStreetBeach201806041600