BSA Outpatient Procedures PUF 2010

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BSA Outpatient Procedures PUF 2010 has information from Medicare outpatient claims. The CMS BSA Outpatient Procedures PUF is a procedure-level file in which each record is a procedure in an outpatient claim incurred by a 5% sample of Medicare beneficiaries. Demographic and claim-related variables most commonly reported/studied in health services research are included in this file.


The CMS BSA Outpatient Procedures PUF contains claims for a simple random sample of 5% of the 2010 beneficiary population. Out of approximately 2.5 million beneficiaries in the 5% sample, about 1.2 million had claims, resulting in a PUF of 33,600,194 procedures, after protecting the privacy of Medicare beneficiaries. It contains six analytic variables (in addition to a unique procedure key): Age, gender, ICD‐9 primary diagnosis code, HCPCS procedure code, count of the number of services, and Medicare payment for procedures. Some of these variables are aggregated or coarsened in order to protect individuals from identification while retaining the analytic value of the data.

A procedure is only included in the PUF if the combination of all six variables is shared by at least eleven beneficiaries in the population. Procedures cannot be linked by claim or beneficiary and cannot be linked to any external data source by means of the procedure ID. The procedure ID is a cryptographic key specific to this Outpatient Procedures PUF and not available elsewhere. The CMS 2010 BSA Outpatient Procedures PUF is sorted by this procedure ID to ensure that the relative positions of each procedure in the PUF and in the original source data are totally uncorrelated. BSA Outpatient Procedures PUF contains seven variables: A procedure count and six analytic variables, listed below.

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Outpatient Procedure Claims 2010, Medicare Outpatient Procedure Payment 2010, Medicare Outpatient Procedure Claims 2010

GenderIndicates whether is a male or female population groupstring-
AgeSpecifies the age interval for the population groupstring-
ICD9_Diagnosis_CodeThe International Classification of Diseases version 9.3; blank values indicates a the primary diagnosis associated to the procedure does not existstringmaxLength : 3
HCPCS_CodeHealthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes level I (or CPT) and level IIstringmaxLength : 5
Total_Number_Of_HCPCS_ServicesTotal number of HCPCS coded servicesintegerlevel : Ratio
Medicare_Payment_Amount_For_ProcedureMedicare payment amount for procedurenumber-
Number_Of_Outpatient_ProceduresNumber of outpatient proceduresintegerlevel : Ratio
Male65-69 years old3641512
Male75-79 years old3641511
Male80-84 years old3641512
Male65-69 years old800531201
Male65-69 years old850251101
Male65-69 years old780A04254
Male65-69 years old786A04251
Male65-69 years old789A04252
Male70-74 years old427A04252
Male70-74 years old780A04257