Chicago Alternative Fuel Locations

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This dataset shows the list of locations in North East Illinois, North West Indiana, and South East Wisconsin where alternative vehicle fuels are available.

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As part of its ongoing effort to improve air quality, the City of Chicago is working with the Chicago Area Clean Cities (CACC) coalition and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus to promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles—vehicles powered by “clean” fuels such as compressed natural gas, E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline), propane and biodiesel—in Chicago area fleets.

Through two grants from the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program, the City and its partners are also creating the infrastructure to support these vehicles by building up to 25 private alternative fueling stations, such as the one that opened in November 2003 at 65th Street and State Street.

This “green” fueling station has a pump for compressed natural gas, solar panels that provide 13% of the station’s electricity and native landscaping to provide habitat for insects and birds. In addition, the station’s site uses a natural stormwater management system that captures rainwater in a shallow, clay-lined ditch containing native plants, where pollutants are removed through natural filtration.

The CACC coalition, of which the City is a coordinator, has secured funding to support additional alternative fuel projects, such as a comprehensive program to educate more than 2,800 fleet operators in the Chicago metropolitan area about alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles, assisting municipal fleets in the acquisition of clean fuel vehicles and building an infrastructure to support clean fuel vehicles.

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United States Alternative Fuels Stations, Fuel Stations in United States

Identification_NumberA unique identifier for this specific station.integerlevel : Nominal
Fuel_Type_CodeThe type of alternative fuel the station provides. Fuel types are given as code values (BD=Biodiesel (B20 and above), CNG=Compressed Natural Gas, E85=Ethanol, ELEC=Electric, LNG=Liquefied Natural Gas, LPG=Liquefied Petroleum Gas)string-
Station_NameThe name of the station.string-
Street_AddressThe street address of the station's location.string-
Intersection_DirectionsBrief additional information about how to locate the station.string-
CityThe city of the station's location.string-
State_AbbreviationThe two character U.S. state code of the station's location.string-
ZIP_CodeThe ZIP code (postal code) of the station's location.integerlevel : Nominal
Phone_NumberThe phone number of the station.string-
Status_CodeThe current status of the station (E Open: The station is open. P Planned: The station is not yet open, but plans to carry alternative fuel in the future, or the station is temporarily out of service. See the "Expected Date" field for an anticipated open date. T Temporarily unavailable: The station is temporarily unavailable. See the “Expected Date” field for an anticipated open date.)string-
Expected_DateFor planned stations, the date the station is expected to open or start carrying alternative fuel. For temporarily unavailable stations, the expected date is the date the station is expected to reopen. This date is estimated but not
Groups_With_Access_CodeA description of who is allowed to access the station and other station access information.string-
Access_Days_TimeHours of operation for the station.string-
Cards_AcceptedPayment methods accepted on stationstring-
Biodiesel_BlendsFor biodiesel stations, the level of biodiesel blends the station provides.string-
CNG_Fill_Type_CodeFor CNG stations, the type of dispensing capability available (Q = Quick fill, T = Timed fill, B = Both: quick fill and timed fill)string-
CNG_PressureFor CNG stations, a space separated list of PSI pressures available.string-
Electric_Stations_1For electric stations, the number of Level 1 EVSE (standard 110V outlet).integerlevel : Nominal
Electric_Stations_2For electric stations, the number of Level 2 EVSE (J1772 connector).integerlevel : Nominal
Electric_Stations_DCFor electric stations, the number of DC Fast Chargers.integerlevel : Nominal
Electric_Charging_NetworkFor electric stations, the name of the EVSE network.string-
Electric_Charging_Network_WebsiteFor electric stations, the EVSE network Web site.string-
Geocode_StatusA rating indicating the approximate accuracy of the latitude and longitude for the station's address (GPS The location is from a real GPS readout at the station. 200-9 Premise (building name, property name, shopping center, etc.) level accuracy. 200-8 Address level accuracy. 200-7 Intersection level accuracy. 200-6 Street level accuracy. 200-5 ZIP code (postal code) level accuracy. 200-4 Town (city, village) level accuracy. 200-3 Sub-region (county, municipality, etc.) level accuracy. 200-2 Region (state, province, prefecture, etc.) level accuracy. 200-1 Country level accuracy. 200-0 Unknown accuracy.)string-
LatitudeThe latitude of the station's address.number-
LongitudeThe longitude of the station's address.number-
Date_Last_ConfirmedThe date the station's details were last
Updated_Date_and_TimeThe time the station's details were last updated.string-
Owner_Type_CodeThe type of organization that owns the fueling infrastructure (P Privately owned, T Utility owned, FG Federal government owned, LG Local government owned, J Jointly owned (combination of owner types))string-
Federal_Agency_IDIf the station is owned by a federal agency, a record for the federal agency that owns this station.integerlevel : Nominal
Federal_Agency_NameThe name of the federal agency.string-
Open_DateThe date that the station began offering the fuel. Please note that most LPG (propane) stations do not have open dates. Some open dates are approximate. Also note that electric station records that are imported to the Station Locator on a daily basis through a network API do not have open
CNG_Vehicle_ClassFor CNG and LNG stations, the maximum vehicle size that can physically access the fueling infrastructure (LD Station can only accommodate light-duty vehicles (Classes 1-2). MD Station can accommodate light and medium-duty vehicles (Classes 1-5). HD Station can accommodate light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles (Classes 1-8))string-
Is_LPG_PrimaryFor propane stations, the type of station (true= Primary: A propane station is considered primary because it meets the following criteria, developed based on feedback from the propane industry: The station is staffed and able to fuel vehicles during normal business hours (e.g., 8am-5pm M-F), and does not require drivers to call ahead; The station is equipped with a dedicated or purpose-built fuel dispenser for vehicle fueling; and The station accepts credit cards or fleet cards. false = Secondary: The station does not meet the criteria to be considered primary)boolean-
Is_E85_Blender_PumpFor E85 stations, an indication of whether the station has a blender pump on site (true = In addition to E85, the station has a blender pump capable of providing mid-level ethanol blends. false = The station does not have a blender pump.)boolean-
Identification NumberFuel Type CodeStation NameStreet AddressIntersection DirectionsCityState AbbreviationZIP CodePhone NumberStatus CodeExpected DateGroups With Access CodeAccess Days TimeCards AcceptedBiodiesel BlendsCNG Fill Type CodeCNG PressureElectric Stations 1Electric Stations 2Electric Stations DCElectric Charging NetworkElectric Charging Network WebsiteGeocode StatusLatitudeLongitudeDate Last ConfirmedUpdated Date and TimeOwner Type CodeFederal Agency IDFederal Agency NameOpen DateCNG Vehicle ClassIs LPG PrimaryIs E85 Blender Pump
47218ELECKelly Nissan4300 W 95th StOak LawnIL60453708-499-1000EPrivate1.0Non-Networked200-941.720728-87.7285942020-06-0906/09/2020 11:47:26 AM +0000P2012-01-31
73398ELECComEd730 N Janes AveBolingbrookIL60440EPrivateEmployee use only2.0Non-Networked200-841.719947999999995-88.0385692020-01-1301/21/2020 12:34:38 PM +0000T2015-11-25
88579ELECComEd375 2nd StElginIL60123EPrivateComEd fleet use only2.0Non-Networked200-942.023829-88.3206272020-01-1301/21/2020 12:34:38 PM +0000T2017-01-18
150298ELECWINNETKA820 Elm St820 ELM STREET; -WinnetkaIL60093888-758-4389EPublic24 hours daily2.0ChargePoint Network 04:21:56 AM +0000
102153ELECMeijer - Tesla Supercharger755 E. Boughton RoadBolingbrookIL60440877-798-3752EPublic24 hours daily; for Tesla use only8.0Tesla 02:27:25 PM +0000P2017-09-01
152179ELECFox Valley Mall - Macy’s195 Fox Valley CenterAuroraIL60504888-264-2208EPublic6am-12pm daily2.0Volta 03:13:47 PM +0000P2020-01-20
35533E85Power Mart572 W Lake StElmhurstIL60126630-592-4599EPublic5:30am-11pm M-F, 7am-12am Sat, 7am-10pm SunA Cash D M V200-941.919913-87.9589052020-01-1301/21/2020 12:34:38 PM +0000P2017-10-15False
147500ELECMEIJER STORES1301 Meijer Dr.Rolling MeadowIL60008888-758-4389EPublic24 hours daily4.0ChargePoint Network 04:21:56 AM +0000
98719BDThorntons #31924144 W Eames StChannahonIL60410815-521-3220EPublic24 hours dailyA Cash D M V Voyager Wright_ExpB20200-841.452364-88.2012042019-11-0804/16/2020 04:08:52 PM +0000P2018-05-15
67123E85Shell2494 Oakton StEvanstonIL60202847-332-2088EPublic24 hours dailyA Cash Checks D Debit M V Voyager200-942.025903-87.708352019-09-0901/21/2020 12:34:38 PM +0000P2015-05-15False
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