NYS Wastewater Treatment Plants

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This dataset provides information regarding wastewater treatment plants with permits issued under the New York State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.

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The New York State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) has been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the control of wastewater and stormwater discharges in accordance with the Clean Water Act. Under New York State law the program is broader in scope than that required by the Clean Water Act in that it controls point source discharges to groundwaters as well as surface waters. Each municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) must operate under an individual SPDES permit that defines the parameters under which it is allowed to discharge to the waters of New York State. The SPDES database contains the following data on each permit: ownership, effective dates, locations, and receiving waters.

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NYS Wastewater Plants, Wastewater Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants

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New York Wastewater Treatment System, City Sewer System

Plant_TypeWastewater Type of Plantstring-
SPDES_Permit_NumberState Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Numberstring-
Facility_NameName of the Facilitystring-
Ground_or_SurfaceWaste Water Location (Ground or Surface)string-
Average_Design_Hydraulic_FlowAverage of Design Hydraulic Flownumberlevel : Ratio
StreetStreet of Facilitystring-
CityCity of Facilitystring-
Zip_CodeZIP Code of Facilityintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeFacility Latitude Locationnumber-
LongitudeFacility Longitude Locationnumber-
IndustrialNY0274381CATSMOBoth25 MYERS RDWALLKILL1258941.61-74.23
MunicipalNY0023949PERU STPBoth0.524 SUNRISE DRPERU1297244.58-73.52
MunicipalNY0023515CUBA STPSurface0.97W WATER STCUBA1472742.22-78.29
MunicipalNY0247251JASPER-T WWTPSurface0.04GRANGE STJASPER42.12-77.5
MunicipalNY0020541ALDEN STPSurface0.65W MAIN STALDEN1400442.91-78.51
MunicipalNY0023680WARWICK STPSurface1RIVER STWARWICK1099041.25-74.37
MunicipalNY0206768CROGHAN STPSurface0.07MAIN STCROGHAN1332743.9-75.4
MunicipalNY0023965CLYDE - V STPSurface0.4FORD STCLYDE1443343.08-76.87
MunicipalNY0027162OLEAN STPSurface7174 S 19TH STOLEAN1476042.07-78.45
IndustrialNY0095052HYDRAMEC INCGround4393 RIVER STSCIO1488042.17-77.98