Chicago Bike Racks Map

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This dataset shows the bike’s rack (map) in the City of Chicago. These maps required a special GIS (Geographic Information System) software such as ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) ArcGIS map.

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CDOT (Chicago Department of Transportation) works hard to consistently serve bicyclists throughout the City by installing roughly 500 bike racks on city sidewalks each year. It can help to locate the best places for these racks by using this map to put in a request where more bike parking is needed.

CDOT review requests in the field looking for sites on the public right-of-way that don’t interfere with pedestrian travel and are clear of other street furniture. The criteria for new rack placement, including examples of where CDOT generally do and do not install racks, are listed in detail at

While CDOT tries to conduct field surveys as promptly as possible, the process can sometimes take several months.

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Chicago Bicycle & Byways Map, Chicago Bike Map

Rack_IDA Unique Identification number assigned to Bikes Rackintegerlevel : Nominal
AddressAddress where rack is installedstring-
Ward_NumberWard Number assigned with physical addressintegerlevel : Nominal
Community_AreaOfficially recognized by the City of Chicago. These areas are well-defined and static.integerlevel : Nominal
Community_NameName of the Community Areastring-
Total_InstallTotal number of racks installedintegerlevel : Ratio
LatitudeThe latitude of the physical location of the racks based on the ADDRESS column.number-
LongitudeThe longitude of the physical location of the racks based on the ADDRESS columnnumber-
Is_HistoricalDo the bike racks belong to a historical place.boolean-
24291 N Clark St4232Loop241.882059-87.6308true
5024150 N State St4232Loop141.884571-87.628true
2377380 S Clark St232Loop141.8772-87.630927true
599347 W Polk St232Loop241.872258-87.629182true
77772 E 11th St232Loop241.869404-87.625033false
133172 E 11th St232Loop241.869404-87.625033true
600972 S Wells St232Loop141.881007-87.63397true
19891 E Adams St4232Loop341.879382-87.627517true
63941 N State St4232Loop141.882136-87.627724true
40631 N Wells St4232Loop241.882023-87.633753true
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