Chicago Food Inspections

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This dataset contains the restaurant inspections and other food establishments in Chicago from January 1, 2010 to the present.


This information is derived from inspections of restaurants and other food establishments in Chicago. Inspections are performed by staff from the Chicago Department of Public Health’s Food Protection Program using a standardized procedure. The results of the inspection are inputted into a database, then reviewed and approved by a State of Illinois Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner (LEHP).

Chicago is home to 16,000 food establishments like restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, wholesalers, lunchrooms, mobile food vendors and more. It is done by inspecting food businesses, responding to complaints and food recalls. Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) also offers education to food service managers.

Effective July 1, 2018, the City of Chicago implements new requirements that all food service establishments must follow. These requirements are based on the latest science and conform to federal guidelines and to state and local laws. These new requirements include the need to establish some written policies and procedures, participate in certain trainings, label certain foods, and install hand sinks in certain areas.

Disclaimer: Attempts have been made to minimize any and all duplicate inspection reports. However, the dataset may still contain such duplicates and the appropriate precautions should be exercised when viewing or analyzing these data. The result of the inspections (pass, pass with conditions or fail) as well as the violations noted are based on the findings identified and reported by the inspector at the time of the inspection, and may not reflect the findings noted at other times.

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2010 to 2019

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Food Inspections, Inspections of Restaurants, Restaurants Checking, Inspections, Food Service Managers, Food Inspectors, Food Establishments, Food Protection Program

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Chicago Restaurant Inspections, Food Inspectors in Chicago

Inspection_IDInspection Identification number for record purposeintegerlevel : Nominal
DBA_Name‘Doing business as.’ This is the legal name of the establishment.string-
License_NumberThis is a unique number assigned to the establishment for the purposes of licensing by the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.integerlevel : Nominal
Facility_TypeEach establishment is described by one of the following: bakery, banquet hall, candy store, caterer, coffee shop, day care center (for ages less than 2), day care center (for ages 2 – 6), day care center (combo, for ages less than 2 and 2 – 6 combined), gas station, Golden Diner, grocery store, hospital, long term care center(nursing home), liquor store,string-
RiskEach establishment is categorized as to its risk of adversely affecting the public’s health, with 1 being the highest and 3 the lowest. The frequency of inspection is tied to this risk, with risk 1 establishments inspected most frequently and risk 3 least frequently.string-
AddressAddress where the facility is located.string-
CityCity where the facility is located.string-
ZIP_CodeZIP Code where the facility is located.integerlevel : Nominal
Inspection_DateThis is the date the inspection occurred. A particular establishment is likely to have multiple inspections which are denoted by different inspection
Inspection_TypeAn inspection can be one of the following types: canvass, the most common type of inspection performed at a frequency relative to the risk of the establishment; consultation, when the inspection is done at the request of the owner prior to the opening of the establishment; complaint,string-
Inspection_ResultsAn inspection can pass, pass with conditions or fail. Establishments receiving a ‘pass’ were found to have no critical or serious violations (violation number 1-14 and 15- 29, respectively). Establishments receiving a ‘pass with conditions’ were found to have critical or serious violations, but these were corrected during the inspection.string-
ViolationsAn establishment can receive one or more of 45 distinct violations (violation numbers 1-44 and 70). For each violation number listed for a given establishment, the requirement the establishment must meet in order for it to NOT receive a violation is noted, followed by a specific description of the findings that caused the violation to be issued.string-
LatitudeLatitude location of the facilitynumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the facilitynumber-
114452Starfruit Cafe2031651Risk 2 (Medium)CHICAGO606542010-05-05LicenseFail
679868ASC CATERING2148006Risk 1 (High)13946 S CHIPPEWABURNHAM606332012-04-12LicensePass
1763245EAT N RUN CHICKEN AND FISH2442868RestaurantRisk 1 (High)2016-04-19LicenseNot Ready
525301CAIRO2088536RestaurantRisk 1 (High)4810 N BROARDWAYCHICAGO606402011-04-21LicenseFail
469312ARACELI20689082158 W 23RD STCHICAGO606082010-12-01LicenseFail41.85039924-87.68057159
428391BEST SUBS02653 N WASTENAW AVE BLDGCHICAGO606472010-10-29ComplaintBusiness Not Located
491298KANELA CAFE20787233231 N CLARK STCHICAGO606572011-01-20LicenseFail41.940826-87.65121094
1559989Porkchop2320095RestaurantRisk 1 (High)1017 S DELANO CTCHICAGO606052015-07-07LicensePass
531430SUBWAY2079231RestaurantRisk 1 (High)6237 S HALSTED PKWYCHICAGO606212011-06-27LicensePass
1966841CAFFE ROM1847943RestaurantRisk 2 (Medium)400 E WATER STCHICAGO606012016-10-20CanvassPass
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