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Chicago Life Safety Evaluations Reports

This dataset contains the list of the report status of all residential buildings required to submit a Life Safety Evaluation under city ordinance.

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The City of Chicago’s High Rise Sprinkler and Life Safety Evaluation Ordinances better protect the lives of residents, employees and visitors by requiring enhanced safety features in the City’s pre-1975 high rise buildings. The Sprinkler Installation Ordinance (13-196-205) requires all pre-1975 commercial high rise buildings that are not landmarked to install a full sprinkler system by January 1, 2017. This ordinance also exempts existing pre-1975 non-transient, residential high rise buildings from the requirement to fully sprinkler the building.
The High Rise Life Safety Evaluation Ordinance (13-196-206) requires that the high-rise commercial buildings and residential buildings exempted from retro-fitting with sprinklers must undergo a rigorous evaluation of the building’s life and fire safety features from an Illinois Licensed Design Professional. The Design Professional must then submit a Life Safety Evaluation (LSE) Report to the Department of Buildings and the Chicago Fire Department for their review and approval.

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United States


John Snow Labs; Data City Of Chicago;

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Life Safety, Life Safety Evaluation, Safety Evaluation Reports

Other Titles

Chicago Safety Evaluation Reports, Life Safety Evaluation Ordinance

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Building_Street_NumberStreet Number Of Buildingstring-
Building_Street_DirectionStreet Direction Of Buildingstring-
Building_Street_NameStreet Name Of Buildingstring-
Building_Street_Type_IType Of Building Streetstring-
Report_Status_Original_LSE_Report_ApprovedStatus Of Life Safety Evaluation Reportstring-
Is_Report_Status_LSE_Report_ResubmittedStatus Of Resubmitted Life Safety Evaluation Reportboolean-
Report_Status_Resubmitted_Report_ApprovedStatus Of Approved Life Safety Evaluation Reportstring-
Construction_StatusStatus Of Constructionstring-
Installing_A_Full_Sprinkler_SystemInstallation Of Sprinkler Systemstring-
Inspection_StatusStatus Of Inspectionstring-

Data Preview

Building Street NumberBuilding Street DirectionBuilding Street NameBuilding Street Type IReport Status Original LSE Report ApprovedIs Report Status LSE Report ResubmittedReport Status Resubmitted Report ApprovedConstruction StatusInstalling A Full Sprinkler SystemInspection Status
1N.LaSalleSt.YesNot ApplicableIn ProcessNoFAILED
1E.SchillerSt.YesNot ApplicableWork Not StartedNoPassed
1E.ScottAve.YesNot ApplicableReady for InspectionNoFAILED
2E.OakSt.NoTrueYesWork Not StartedNoFAILED
5S.WabashAve.NoTrueNoReady for InspectionNoIn Court
8S.MichiganAve.YesNot ApplicableReady for InspectionNoPassed
10S.CanalSt.NoTrueYesNot SubmittedYesCFD/INCOMPLETE
10W.ElmSt.NoTrueYesWork Not StartedNoFAILED
14W.ElmSt.NoFalseYesNot SubmittedNoFAILED
17N.StateSt.YesNot ApplicableReady for InspectionYesPassed