Chicago Park District Event Permits

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This dataset includes information about event permits requested through the Chicago Park District, including the name of the applicant, the name and a brief description of the event, contact information, time of event including set-up and tear-down times, the name and location of the park, and the estimated number of event attendees.

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Any organized event requires a permit from the Chicago Park District. The cost depends on the event type and needs of the event, and some parks have restrictions as to what events can and cannot take place. The Chicago Park District does not permit any runs, walks, or rides on the Bloomingdale Trail. The four access parks have more flexibility and can be permitted as a station for a run, walk or ride at street level.

Additional information may be included depending on the type of the event, including proof of insurance, route maps for all races and runs, security plans and medical services and required city documents. Permit levels issued by the Department of Revenue include picnic levels, athletic levels, corporate levels, media levels, promotions levels, and festivals/performances levels.

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Organizing Events in Parks, Cost on Different Chicago Events, Chicago Park District Events

RequestorName of the Requestor who requested the eventstring-
OrganizationOrganization name responsible for organizing the eventstring-
Park_NumberNumber assigned to the park by Chicago Park Districtintegerlevel : Nominal
Park_or_Facility_NameName of the park or facility namestring-
Reservation_Start_DateStart date when the event was reserveddate-
Reservation_End_DateEnd date when the event was reserveddate-
Event_TypeType of eventstring-
Event_DescriptionDescription of the reserved eventstring-
Permit_StatusApproved – A permit has been issued; Pending/Tentative – Application is in good standing; Stage Denied – One segment of the application is denied (e.g., failure to submit fees/documents). The application is considered denied. There will be no further communication with the organizer unless fees/insurance/documents are submitted at which time the application is eligible to be returned to Pending/Tentative/Approved status; Denied – Applicant did not meet requirements and the proposed event is not permitted to occur; Cancelled – Applicant notified Chicago Park District they do not intend to have the eventstring-
RequestorOrganizationPark NumberPark or Facility NameReservation Start DateReservation End DateEvent TypeEvent DescriptionPermit Status
Alexis Arvis Fleet Feet SportsFleet Feet Sports100North Ave Beach Promo Area N of Bldg2013-09-292013-09-29Permit - Athletic TrainingFleet Feet Sports Hydration Stations (Non-exclusive Use) #1783 (Non-exclusive Use)Approved
Bernadette Cooney Lakeshore Athletic Services24Grant Grove 5 and Lawn North of Harrison2016-05-252016-05-25Permit - Festival/Performance/12,001+ EventJ.P morgan Chase ChallengeApproved
Abby Jennings Nike1963rd St. Beach House - Lawn - Beach2014-08-192014-08-19Permit - Festival/Performance/12,001+ EventWorld Basketball FestivalApproved
Kent Luckett27Burnham 41st St to 46th St E of path2015-08-012015-08-01Permit - Picnic Level 1Luckett Dunbar Picnic #5505Approved
Crini McCarthy19Jackson Soccer-3 fields E-W-N2015-07-062015-07-06Permit - Festival/Performance/12,001+ EventThe Chosen Few Old School Reunion Picnic #5431Approved
Gina Oliva100North Ave Beach Promo Area N of Bldg2015-08-052015-08-05Permit - PromotionsAirbnb Activation #5430 (Non-exclusive Use)Approved
Teyonda Wertz1001Rainbow Beach Picnic Grove 72015-10-312015-10-31Permit - Athletic Event Level 4South Shore Chamber Soul Coast 5K Walk/RunApproved
Mike Gabel True LacrosseTrue Lacrosse19Jackson Soccer-3 fields E-W-N2012-07-122012-07-12Permit - Athletic Event Level 4Chicago Summer Classic Lacrosse TournamentApproved
Eric Crosby27Burnham 41st St to 46th St E of path2013-10-122013-10-12Permit - Athletic Event Level 2De LaSalle XC MeetsApproved
West Chatham Park Advisory Council249West Chatham 82nd/Princeton Picnic Grove2019-06-102019-06-10Permit - Picnic Level 2Summe of Peace Community Picnic West Chatman PACApproved
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