Chicago Beach Weather Stations Automated Sensors

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This dataset shows the report of the automated sensors in the weather stations of Chicago beaches. This report includes the date and time of measurement for air temperature, humidity, rain intensity, wind direction and barometric pressure.

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The Chicago Park District maintains weather sensors at beaches along Chicago’s Lake Michigan lakefront. These sensors generally capture the indicated measurements hourly while the sensors are in operation during the summer. During other seasons and at some other times, information from the sensors may not be available.

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John Snow Labs; Data City of Chicago;

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Beach Water and Weather Sensor Locations, Maintenance of Sensors in the Water at Beaches

Station_NameName of station where sensors are maintainedstring-
Measurement_Date_And_TimeThe date and time when the measurements were takendatetime-
Air_TemperatureAir Temperature in Celsius degrees.numberlevel : Interval
Wet_Bulb_TemperatureWet bulb temperature in Celsius degrees.numberlevel : Interval
HumidityPercent relative humidity.integerlevel : Ratio
Rain_IntensityRain intensity in mm per hour.numberlevel : Ratio
Interval_RainRain since the last hourly measurement, in mm.string-
Total_RainTotal rain since midnight in mm.numberlevel : Ratio
Precipitation_Type60 = Liquid precipitation, e.g. rain - Ice, hail and sleet are transmitted as rain (60). 70 = Solid precipitation, e.g. snow 40 = unspecified precipitationintegerlevel : Ratio
Wind_DirectionWind direction in degrees.integerlevel : Interval
Wind_SpeedWind speed in meters per second.numberlevel : Ratio
Maximum_Wind_Speednumberlevel : Ratio
Barometric_PressureBarometric pressure in hPa.numberlevel : Ratio
Solar_RadiationSolar radiation in watts per square meter.numberlevel : Ratio
HeadingThe current heading of the wind-measurement unit. The ideal value to get the most accurate measurements is true north (0 degrees) and the unit is manually adjusted, as necessary, to keep it close to this headingintegerlevel : Ratio
Battery_LifeBattery voltage, an indicator of remaining battery life used by the Chicago Park District to know when batteries should be replaced.string-
Measurement_Timestamp_LabelMeasurement timestamp labeldatetime-
Measurement_IDA unique record ID made up of the Station Name and Measurement Timestamp.string-
Station NameMeasurement Date And TimeAir TemperatureWet Bulb TemperatureHumidityRain IntensityInterval RainTotal RainPrecipitation TypeWind DirectionWind SpeedMaximum Wind SpeedBarometric PressureSolar RadiationHeadingBattery LifeMeasurement Timestamp LabelMeasurement ID
63rd Street Weather Station2015-04-25T09:00:007.05.9867.25.05.2601195.17.1986.13835412.02015-04-25T09:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201504250900
63rd Street Weather Station2015-04-30T05:00:006.14.3760.00.02.50117.213.0989.9435411.92015-04-30T05:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201504300500
63rd Street Weather Station2015-06-22T09:00:0025.423.4850.00.0207.702232.35.3989.932735511.92015-06-22T09:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201506220900
63rd Street Weather Station2015-06-22T10:00:0026.423.9810.00.0207.702455.68.8990.910635512.02015-06-22T10:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201506221000
63rd Street Weather Station2015-06-22T11:00:0025.923.8840.00.0207.702172.15.1990.54035511.92015-06-22T11:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201506221100
63rd Street Weather Station2015-06-22T12:00:0026.024.3872.40.5208.2602584.56.7992.42235512.02015-06-22T12:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201506221200
63rd Street Weather Station2015-06-22T13:00:0024.723.2890.63.9212.160730.71.4990.016435511.82015-06-22T13:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201506221300
63rd Street Weather Station2015-06-22T14:00:0026.224.3850.00.0212.102043.76.1988.042935412.02015-06-22T14:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201506221400
63rd Street Weather Station2015-06-22T15:00:0027.624.1750.00.0212.102106.010.6985.239135511.92015-06-22T15:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201506221500
63rd Street Weather Station2015-06-22T16:00:0027.724.5770.00.0212.102145.512.4984.119335511.92015-06-22T16:00:0063rdStreetWeatherStation201506221600