Combined and Normalized GHEITI Data

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This dataset contains information regarding Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (GHEITI) from 2007-2013. It consists of Company Name, Year, Commodity Name and Code, Data Files, GFS (Government Finance Statistics revenue type) Name and Code, and Value.

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This dataset is sourced from Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI). This dataset includes Company Name, Year, Commodity Name and Code, Data Files, GFS (Government Finance Statistics revenue type) Name and Code, and Value from 2007-2013.

Historically Ghana is a mining country, with substantial reserves it is the second largest gold producer in Africa. Oil production started in 2011, and as of 2013 oil revenues surpassed mining receipts.

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) reporting has highlighted gaps in the way the extractive sector is managed, leading to changes to the fiscal regimes governing the sector such as the introduction of capital gains tax, higher ground rent and fixed royalty rates. Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (GHEITI) is also working to improve accountability of subnational transfers, as 10% of mining royalties are transferred to local governments.

Given the strategic importance of natural resources, especially, minerals and oil and gas to the economy of Ghana, there is the need for a more transparent and prudent management of revenues from these strategic sectors, and to equally ensure that our natural resource revenue data are widely available to empower the general public to hold both Companies and Government accountable.

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John Snow Labs; Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI);

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GHEITI, Improving Accountability, Transparent Revenues

Other Titles

Ghana EITI Data in Combined and Normalized Form, GHEITI Combined and Normalized Data

Company_NameRefers to the name of the company included in this study.stringrequired : 1
YearRefers to the year when the revenue is generated.daterequired : 1
Revenue_CommodityRefers to the specific commodity for which the revenue is generated. It includes Silver, Gold, Diamond, Bauxite, Limestone, Manganese and Oil.string-
Commodity_CodeIndicates the Codes for "Comapny/Year/Commodity" combination.stringrequired : 1
Company_IDRefers to identity of different companies.string-
Data_File_NameRefers to the name of the data file in which the data related to several sectors is present.stringrequired : 1
GFS_CodeIndicates the revenue code by the Government Finance Statistics (GFS).stringrequired : 1
GFS_NameIndicates the revenue name by the Government Finance Statistics (GFS)stringrequired : 1
Measurement_ValueIndicates the value of the measure used to analyze data.numberlevel : Ratio
Petro SA2012Oilpetro_sa2012oilV000333547X2012 Ghana - Oil-Gas (draft).xlsx1.42E+04Royalties
Petro SA2013Oilpetro_sa2013oilV000333547X2013 Ghana - Oil-Gas (draft).xlsx1.42E+04Royalties
Petro SA2012Oilpetro_sa2012oilV000333547X2012 Ghana - Oil-Gas (draft).xlsx114521ELicence fees
Petro SA2013Oilpetro_sa2013oilV000333547X2013 Ghana - Oil-Gas (draft).xlsx114521ELicence fees
Petro SA2012Oilpetro_sa2012oilV000333547X2012 Ghana - Oil-Gas (draft).xlsx113ETaxes on property
Petro SA2013Oilpetro_sa2013oilV000333547X2013 Ghana - Oil-Gas (draft).xlsx113ETaxes on property
Tullow (Ghana) Ltd2012Oiltullow_(ghana)_ltd2012oil209G0006482012 Ghana - Oil-Gas (draft).xlsx1.42E+04Royalties
Tullow (Ghana) Ltd2013Oiltullow_(ghana)_ltd2013oil209G0006482013 Ghana - Oil-Gas (draft).xlsx1.42E+04Royalties
Tullow (Ghana) Ltd2010Oiltullow_(ghana)_ltd2010oil2010 Ghana - OilandGas (draft).xlsx114521ELicence fees58140.5
Adamus Resources Ltd2011Goldadamus_resources_ltd2011gold2011 Ghana - Mining (draft).xlsx1.42E+04Royalties6729929
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