Connecticut Fire Incidents Report

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This dataset contains Connecticut Fire Department (CFD) Incidents as reported to the National Fire Department Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).


Incidents reported by the Connecticut Fire Department (CFD) on the full range of their activities, from fire to emergency medical services (EMS) to equipment involved in the response.

After responding to an incident, fire department personnel complete one or more of the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) “modules.” The information in these modules describes the kind of incident responded to, where it occurred, the resources used to mitigate it, and how losses and other information designed specifically to understand the nature and causes of fire, hazardous material (HazMat), and emergency medical service (EMS) incidents. Information is also collected on the number of civilian or firefighter casualties and an estimate of property loss. The uniformity of definitions used in coding NFIRS fields makes aggregation of national data possible.

Each Incidence is assigned a 3 digit Incidence Type Code. The code describes the situation emergency personnel found when they arrived. Incidence Types are grouped into larger categories, called Series.

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Connecticut Fire Administration, Firefighters in Connecticut

Reporting_YearYear of reporting incidentdate-
Fire_Department_Header_KeyEach fire department has established a header record. This record is established only once in the system and then updated whenever there is a change in the department’s information.string-
Fire_Department_NameName of the fire departmentstring-
Incident_DateDate when the alarm was received by the fire departmentdate-
Incident_NumberThe Incident Number is a sequential number and is numeric only; it is not an incident identification number.integerlevel : Nominal
Exposure_NumberFire resulting from another fire outside that building, structure, or vehicle, or a fire that extends to an outside property from a building, structure, or vehicle.integerlevel : Ratio
Fire_Department_StationFire department stations in National Fire Department Incident Reporting Systemstring-
Incident_Type_CodeIncident type Codes assigned to emergencyintegerlevel : Nominal
Incident_TypeThis is the actual situation that emergency personnel found on the scene when they arrived.string-
Aid_Given_or_Received_CodeAid given or received codesstring-
Aid_Given_or_ReceivedAid given or received, either automatically (i.e., prearranged) or mutually for a specific incident.string-
Number_of_AlarmsThe actual number of alarms transmitted for the incident.string-
Alarm_Date_and_TimeDate and time of alarm on incident.datetime-
Arrival_Date_and_TimeArrival date and time of the fire department.datetime-
Incident_Controlled_Date_and_TimeDate and time when the incident was controlled.datetime-
Last_Unit_Cleared_Date_and_TimeDate and Time when the last unit cleared the incident scene.datetime-
Fire_Department_ShiftIdentifies the on-duty shift or platoon that responded to the incident.string-
Actions_Taken_1The duties performed at the incident scene by the responding fire department personnel.string-
Actions_Taken_2The duties performed at the incident scene by the responding fire department personnel.string-
Actions_Taken_3The duties performed at the incident scene by the responding fire department personnel.string-
Number_of_Suppression_ApparatusNumber of Suppression Apparatus present with the fire department.integerlevel : Ratio
Number_of_Suppression_PersonnelNumber of Suppression personnel present with the fire department.integerlevel : Ratio
Number_of_EMS_ApparatusNumber of emergency medical services (EMS) Apparatus present with the fire department.integerlevel : Ratio
Number_of_EMS_PersonnelNumber of emergency medical services (EMS) personnel with the fire department.integerlevel : Ratio
Number_of_Other_ApparatusNumber of other Apparatus present with fire department.integerlevel : Ratio
Number_of_Other_PersonnelNumber of other personnel with the fire department.integerlevel : Ratio
Property_ValueEstimate value of the total propertynumber-
Propery_LossEstimate loss of the total property.number-
Contents_ValueEstimate value of the total contents dollar loss.number-
Contents_LossEstimate loss of the total contents dollar loss.number-
Fire_Service_DeathsNumber of fire service deaths during clearance.integerlevel : Ratio
Fire_Service_InjuriesNumber of fire service injuries during clearance.integerlevel : Ratio
Other_Fire_DeathsOther fire service deaths during clearance.integerlevel : Ratio
Other_Fire_InjuriesOther fire service injuries during clearance.integerlevel : Ratio
Is_Detector_AlertedWhether a detector alerted occupants (true = Detector alerted occupants, false = Detector did not alert them)boolean-
Hazardous_Materials_Released_CodeHazardous material codes at the incident.integerlevel : Ratio
Hazardous_Materials_ReleasedThe occurrence and nature of a hazardous material release at the incident.string-
Mixed_Use_Property_CodesMixed used property codes at the incident.integerlevel : Ratio
Mixed_Use_PropertyIf a property has two or more used then the property is used as mixed property.string-
Property_Use_CodeProperty codes at the incident.integerlevel : Ratio
Property_UseProperty used at the incident.string-
AddressStreet address of the incident area.string-
Apartment_NumberApartment number of the property.string-
CityCity where the incident occurred.string-
ZIP_CodeZIP Code of the incident area.string-
Census_TractA census tract number is a six-digit number assigned by the U.S. Census Bureau that identifies an area of land within the United States.integerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude location of the incident place.number-
LongitudeLongitude location of the incident place.number-
2013CT01030BRIDGEWATER VOLUNTEER FIRE DPT2013-03-221303789100Fire, other.NNo aid given or received.2013-03-22T22:25:002013-03-22T22:28:002013-03-22T22:41:00100None. Town Line RDBRIDGEWATER6752
2014CT05190STRATFORD FIRE DEPT2014-09-0323527500Service call, other.NNo aid given or received.2014-09-03T00:23:002014-09-03T00:30:002014-09-03T01:26:00100960Street, other. JUDSON PLSTRATFORD6615
2014CT07120MIDDLETOWN FIRE DEPT2014-05-251696HQ900Special type of incident, other.NNo aid given or received.2014-05-25T15:00:002014-05-25T15:00:002014-05-25T15:00:002100None. VoidMiddletown64579999
2014CT07122WESTFIELD FIRE DEPT2014-08-31748700False alarm or false call, other.NNo aid given or received.12014-08-31T08:26:002014-08-31T08:26:002014-08-31T08:26:001100None.294 HIGH STMIDDLETOWN6457
2014CT06140MILFORD FIRE DEPARTMENT2014-07-2844954500Service call, other.NNo aid given or received.12014-07-28T13:28:002014-07-28T13:31:002014-07-28T13:36:00A100960Street, other. BALDWIN STMILFORD6460
2014CT07122WESTFIELD FIRE DEPT2014-12-121070700False alarm or false call, other.NNo aid given or received.12014-12-12T18:22:002014-12-12T18:22:002014-12-12T18:23:001100None. State Hwy 9MIDDLETOWN6457
2014CT07122WESTFIELD FIRE DEPT2014-11-211010700False alarm or false call, other.NNo aid given or received.2014-11-21T17:40:002014-11-21T17:46:002014-11-21T17:54:001100None. WASHINGTON STMIDDLETOWN6457
2014CT02090EAST HARTFORD FIRE DEPARTMENT2014-01-154646600Good intent call, other.NNo aid given or received.12014-01-15T11:13:002014-01-15T11:14:002014-01-15T11:14:001100None. FORBES STEAST HARTFORD6118
2013CT06230WALLINGFORD CENTRAL FIRE HDQR2013-02-239785100Fire, other.NNo aid given or received.2013-02-23T18:08:002013-02-23T18:13:002013-02-23T18:40:00B200960Street, other. OLD COLONY RDWALLINGFORD6492
2014CT06140MILFORD FIRE DEPARTMENT2014-06-0132085600Good intent call, other.NNo aid given or received.12014-06-01T15:34:002014-06-01T15:43:002014-06-01T15:43:00B1300960Street, other. MELBA STMILFORD6460
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