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The Consumer Complaint Database is a collection of 719,794 complaints, on a range of consumer financial products and services, sent to nearly 3,000 companies for a response. All the facts alleged in these complaints are not verified, but steps are taken to confirm a commercial relationship between the consumer and the company.


The database generally updates nightly, and contains certain information for each complaint, including the source of the complaint, the date of submission, and the company the complaint was sent to for a response. The database also includes information about the actions taken by the company in response to the complaint, such as, whether the company’s response was timely, how the company responded, and whether the consumer disputed the company’s response. If the consumer opts to share it and after steps are taken to remove personal information, the consumer’s description are published of what happened. Companies also have the option to select a public response. Company level information should be considered in the context of company size and/or market share. Complaints referred to other regulators, such as complaints about depository institutions with less than $10 billion in assets, are not published in the Consumer Complaint Database.

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Consumer Complaint Financial, Financial Protection Consumers

Date_ReceivedReceiving Datedate-
ProductProduct Namestring-
Sub_ProductSub Products Namestring-
IssueIssues related to Consumersstring-
Sub_IssueOther Issues related to Consumersstring-
Consumer_Complaint_NarrativeDetail description of Consumer Complaintstring-
Company_Public_ResponseDetail description of Consumer Public Responsestring-
CompanyConsumer Company Namestring-
StateState of Companystring-
ZIP_CodeZIP Codeintegerlevel : Nominal
Consumer_Consent_ProvidedConsumer Consent Providedstring-
SubmittedComplaint submitted bystring-
Date_Sent_To_CompanyComplaint sending datedate-
Company_Response_To_ConsumerResponse of company to consumer regarding complaintstring-
Is_Timely_ResponseTime Response by the Companyboolean-
Avg_Skin_StateAverage Skin Statestring-
Complaint_IDConsumer Complaint IDintegerlevel : Nominal
2012-08-21Credit cardOtherOcwenGA30248Web2012-08-23ClosedtrueNo139412
2012-05-23Credit cardOtherCapital OneCA94523Web2012-05-25ClosedtrueNo1432
2014-09-12Credit cardOtherBank of AmericaWeb2014-09-19ClosedtrueYes1037298
2013-02-22Credit cardOtherCapital OneCA92376Web2013-02-22ClosedtrueNo219932
2012-09-06Credit cardOtherCapital OneNC28331Web2012-09-07ClosedtrueYes147528
2014-02-14Credit cardOtherCitibankCA92128Referral2014-02-14ClosedtrueNo722305
2012-04-30Credit cardLate feeCapital OnePostal mail2012-05-02ClosedtrueNo92238
2012-03-01Credit cardOtherAmexNC28277Web2012-03-01Closed with relieftrueNo2734
2012-12-18Credit cardLate feeCapital OneCA94526Web2012-12-19ClosedtrueNo253348
2012-03-12Credit cardPayoff processCapital OnePhone2012-03-20ClosedtrueYes87839
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