Consumer Services Mediated Complaints

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This data set features consumer complaints against businesses that were mediated by the DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs) Consumer Services Division during the last and current calendar years. It excludes complaints that may have ongoing legal investigations.


A consumer complaint or customer complaint is “an expression of dissatisfaction on a consumer’s behalf to a responsible party” (Landon, 1980). It can also be described in a positive sense as a report from a consumer providing documentation about a problem with a product or service.

Consumer complaints are usually informal complaints directly addressed to a company or public service provider, and most consumers manage to resolve problems with products and services in this way, but it sometimes requires persistence.

If the grievance is not addressed in a way that satisfies the consumer, the consumer sometimes registers the complaint with a third party such as the Better Business Bureau, a county government (if it has a “consumer protection” office) and Federal Trade Commission (in the United States). These and similar organizations in other countries accept consumer complaints and assist people with customer service issues, as do government representatives like attorneys general. Consumers however rarely file complaints in the more formal legal sense, which consists of a formal legal process.

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2016-10 to 2020-04

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United States


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Consumer Complaint, Consumer Complaint Data, Consumer Data, Mediated Complaints

Other Titles

Consumer Mediated Complaints Complaint, Business Mediation Complaints

Business_NameName of the business against which a complaint has been made.string-
IndustryThe business category of the business against which a complaint has been made.string-
Complaint_TypeIndicates the type of complaint made.string-
Mediation_Start_DateDate mediation started. During the mediation process, DCA sends a copy of complaint to the business for written response. Then, mostly over the phone, a DCA mediator speaks with both consumer and the business to reach an agreement and settle the
Mediation_Close_DateDate mediation
Complaint_ResultOutcome of mediation efforts.string-
Is_SatisfactionThis section indicates whether the complaint was mediated to the satisfaction of both the business and consumer.boolean-
RestitutionRestoringintegerlevel : Nominal
Business_BuildingThe building number of the business’s address.string-
Business_StreetThe street name of the business’s address.string-
Building_Address_UnitThe unit number of the business’s address (e.g., Apartment/Suite/Other).string-
Business_CityThe city where the business is located.string-
Business_StateThe state where the business is located.string-
Business_ZIPThe zip code where the business is located.string-
Complainant_ZIPThe zip code where the individual who filed the complaint is located.string-
LongitudeLongitude Location of Businessnumber-
LatitudeLatitude Location of Businessnumber-
Business NameIndustryComplaint TypeMediation Start DateMediation Close DateComplaint ResultIs SatisfactionRestitutionBusiness BuildingBusiness StreetBuilding Address UnitBusiness CityBusiness StateBusiness ZIPComplainant ZIPLongitudeLatitude
DYNAMIC RECOVERY SOLUTIONS LLCDebt Collection Agency - 122Billing Dispute - B022019-02-072019-02-14Bill Reduced - BLRTrue1469135INTERSTATE BLVD6.0GREENVILLESC2961511225.0
FREEDOM DEBT RELIEFDebt Settlement - 2482019-03-222019-05-03Resolved and Consumer Satisfied - SPFTrue0PO BOXP O BOX 2330PHOENIXAZ8500211372.0
BEN & NINO AUTO REPAIR INC.Tow Truck Company - 124Misrepresentation - M012019-10-222019-10-30Consumer Withdrew Complaint - CWC02449CONEY ISLAND AVEBROOKLYNNY1122311234.0-73.9829098140.58436829
MRS BPO, L.L.C.Debt Collection Agency - 122Misrepresentation - M012019-06-272019-07-17Resolved and Consumer Satisfied - SPFTrue01930OLNEY AVECHERRY HILLNJ800310304.0
NY NATIONAL WIRELESS LLCElectronic Store - 001Misrepresentation - M012020-01-282020-02-11Advised to Sue - ATSFalse053E GUN HILL RDBRONXNY1046711203.0-73.8801260140.88201673
JFK AIRLOT DISCOUNT AIRPORT PARKINGParking Lot - 050Damage / Estimate2019-11-122019-12-09No Business Response - NVRFalse013398JAMAICANY11436-73.7973269240.66833531
DUANE READE INCDrug Store Retail - 810Refund Policy - R012019-01-252019-01-25Cash Amount - AMTTrue113506BROADWAYNEW YORKNY1003111106.0
CLEAN RITE CENTERLaundriesMisrepresentation - M012019-02-122019-03-18Cash Amount - AMTTrue755014ROOSEVELT AVEWOODSIDENY1137711368.0
SPARTAN AUTO GROUP LLCSecondhand Dealer Auto - 005Misrepresentation - M012020-01-142020-02-06Referred to Outside - RTO04101BOSTON RDBRONXNY1046610473.0
THE HAIR SHOPMisc Non-Food Retail - 817Exchange Goods/Contract Cancelled - E012019-03-192019-04-05Resolved and Consumer Satisfied - SPFTrue0451FULTON STBROOKLYNNY1120111210.0-73.9870977940.69136609
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