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  • Convergent Medical Terminology Procedures Subset
  • CMT Subset Mapping to CPT
  • CMT Mapping to LOINC
  • Kaiser Permanente CMT Subsets


  • CMT Laboratory Procedures
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Convergent Medical Terminology
  • SNOMED CT Subsets
  • CMT Lab Problem Lists
  • SNOMED Subsets
  • CPT Mapping
  • LOINC Mapping

Convergent Medical Terminology Subsets Data Package

Convergent Medical Terminology (CMT) Release files include descriptions that are used as display names for Clinicians in Kaiser Permanente’s electronic medical record, corresponding patient display names that the members see in their PHR portal, and mappings to other terminologies.

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- Cross map sets provide bi-directional translations between CMT and ancillary applications and administrative billing codes. - Context sets provide subsets of CMT for use in specific contexts. - Easy usability - "Interface" terminology is differentiated from "Reference" terminology - Easy for clinicians to find the concepts they need - The immediate value of coded data is apparent to clinician user - Well defined approach to terminology extensions