County Level Age Adjusted Drug Poisoning Mortality

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This dataset contains mortality statistics for drug poisoning in the US at county level, starting with 1999. The age adjusted mortality at county level is presented as an interval, containing the estimated values for 16 age categories (with a minimum and maximum value), along with names of the state and of the county and with state and county FIPS codes.


The source of data is the National Center for Health Statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Deaths include the underlying cause-of-death codes according to ICD-10: X40–X44 (unintentional), X60–X64 (suicide), X85 (homicide), or Y10–Y14 (undetermined intent). Estimates are based on the National Vital Statistics System multiple cause-of-death mortality files. Age-adjusted death rates (deaths per 100,000 U.S. standard population for 2000) are calculated using the direct method. Populations used for computing death rates for 2011–2015 are postcensal estimates based on the 2010 U.S. census. Rates for census years are based on populations enumerated in the corresponding censuses. Rates for noncensus years before 2010 are revised using updated intercensal population estimates and may differ from rates previously published. In this dataset the estimated values of age groups (16 age-groups) are used to form an interval.

Estimates should be interpreted with caution. This is because there are cases in which they are calculated with a numerator of 20 or less and could be considered unreliable. At the same time because of high number of unresolved pending cases or misclassification of ICD–10 codes for unintentional poisoning as R99. For example, this issue is known to affect New Jersey in 2009 and West Virginia in 2005 and 2009 but also may affect other years and other states.

The values that were initially represented by “>30” were replaced by the decimal number 30.999, in order to preserve the format of values in the “County_Age_Adjusted_Rate_Maximum_Value”. At the same time, for all interval values above 30, there is no corresponding value in “County_Age_Adjusted_Rate_Maximum_Value” to avoid confusion with an interval where all values are equal to 30.999.

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US County Level Drug Poisoning Age Adjusted Mortality Interval, US County Drug Poisoning Age Adjusted Mortality Trends

County_FIPS_CodeThe county FIPS code, represented by county specific code (the last 3 digits) and by state FIPS code (first 1 or 2 digits)integerlevel : Nominal
YearThe year for which the statistics are determineddate-
StateThe name of the US State (one of the 50th) or District of Columbiastring-
State_AbbreviationThe abbreviated name of US State (one of the 50th) or of District of Columbiastring-
State_FIPS_CodeThe unique FIPS code of the US State or of District of Columbia, represented by 1 or 2 digitsintegerlevel : Nominal
County_Or_EquivalentThe name of the county or the of the equivalent authority formstring-
County_Population_SizeThe size of a population in a specific year, in county or an equivalent authorityintegerlevel : Ratio
County_Age_Adjusted_Rate_Minimum_ValueThe smaller value of the interval consisting of age-adjusted mortality rate, for one of the 16 age-groups used, estimated for a specific year and countystring-
County_Age_Adjusted_Rate_Maximum_ValueThe biggest value of the interval consisting of age-adjusted mortality rate, for one of the 16 age-groups used, estimated for a specific year and county; the values of 30.999 indicate the fact that the all the interval values are above 30 (including the lowest value)integerlevel : Ratio
County FIPS CodeYearStateState AbbreviationState FIPS CodeCounty Or EquivalentCounty Population SizeCounty Age Adjusted Rate Minimum ValueCounty Age Adjusted Rate Maximum Value
200692006KansasKS20Gray County, KS58382.14
100051999DelawareDE10Sussex County, DE1533006.18
460472006South DakotaSD46Fall River County, SD710814.116
131132004GeorgiaGA13Fayette County, GA994436.18
482352005TexasTX48Irion County, TX16130.02
130872007GeorgiaGA13Decatur County, GA278834.16
210572003KentuckyKY21Cumberland County, KY715114.116
300832000MontanaMT30Richland County, MT96192.14
261492006MichiganMI26St. Joseph County, MI622366.18
261172001MichiganMI26Montcalm County, MI620834.16