• US Mortality Rates by County 1980-2014
  • US Mortality Rates for Communicable Diseases
  • US Mortality Rates for Noncommunicable Diseases
  • US Cancer Mortality Rates
  • US Mortality Rates for Injuries
  • US Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Rates
  • US Respiratory Disease Mortality Rates


  • US Mortality
  • US Morbidity
  • US Mortality Rates
  • US Morbidity Rates
  • US Mortality Data
  • US Morbidity Data

US Mortality and Morbidity Data Data Package

$5,459.50 $3,820 / YEAR

This data package contains data on public health indicators, mortality and morbidity. Specifically this accelerator contains mortality and morbidity rates for groups of diseases in the United States by state and county from 1980 to 2014.

This data is useful for public health officials, clinicians, and researchers seeking to improve health and reduce geographic disparities. This can be used for further research; public health officials and program managers for potential interventions, setting priority areas for action and evaluating progress; policymakers for policy use and development; public health practitioner and clinicians' aid in designing and implementing targeted interventions and monitoring the progress of public health strategies.
1. Big Cities Age-Adjusted ED Visits Rates ($179)
2. Big Cities Age-Adjusted Mortality Rates ($179)
3. Big Cities Morbidity Rates ($179)
4. County Level Age Adjusted Drug Poisoning Mortality ($179)
5. New York City Age Adjusted And Crude Mortality Rates By Cause Of Death ($179)
6. State Level Opioid Overdose Mortality Rates ($179)
7. US And State Level Crude And Age Adjusted Drug Poisoning Mortality ($179)
8. US Mortality Rates for All Types of Cancer ($179)
9. US Mortality Rates for Groups of Communicable Diseases ($447.5)
10. US Mortality Rates for Groups of Injuries ($447.5)
11. US Mortality Rates for Groups of Noncommunicable Diseases ($447.5)
12. US Mortality Rates for Specific Cancer Types ($447.5)
13. US Mortality Rates for Specific Cardiovascular Disease Type ($447.5)
14. US Mortality Rates for Specific Infectious Disease Type ($447.5)
15. US Mortality Rates for Specific Respiratory Disease Type ($447.5)
16. US Mortality Rates for Substance Use Disorders ($447.5)
17. US Mortality Risk for All Age Groups ($447.5)