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Demographic Statistics By Zip Code

The Demographic Reports are produced by the Economic, Demographic and Statistical Research unit within the Countywide Service Integration and Planning Management (CSIPM) Division of the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services. Information produced by the Economic, Demographic and Statistical Research unit is used by every county department, board, authority and the Fairfax County Public Schools.

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The Demographic Reports is a compilation of population, households and housing unit estimates and forecasts; market value estimates; residential development activity estimates; and industrial and commercial gross floor area estimates. Various geographic arrangements are used to present these data, such as supervisor districts, towns, planning districts, human services regions, ZIP Codes, sewer sheds, and census tracts. These small area estimates and forecasts are produced on an annual basis. The methodology used for estimating and forecasting housing units, households and population is contained. The Methodologies used to estimate market value, residential development, and gross floor area are contained in their respective sections. In addition to the small area estimates and forecasts, state and federal data on Fairfax County are collected and summarized, and special studies and Quantitative research are conducted by the unit.

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New York


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York;

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Demographic Statistics, Statistics By ZIP Code, ZIP Code Stats

Other Titles

Demographic Statistics By Zip Code, US Demographic Statistics

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Jurisdiction_NumberThe community district number and borough locationintegerlevel : Nominal
Count_ParticipantsTotal Number of participantsintegerlevel : Nominal
Count_FemaleTotal number femalesintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_FemalePercentage of femalenumberlevel : Ratio
Count_MaleTotal count of malesintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_MalePercentage of malesnumberlevel : Ratio
Count_GenderTotal Count of Genderintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_GenderPercentage of Gendernumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Gender_TotalTotal Gender Countintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Gender_TotalPercentage of Total Gendernumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Pacific_IslanderTotal count of Pacific Islanderintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Pacific_IslanderPercentage of Pacific Islandernumberlevel : Nominal
Count_Hispanic_LatinoTotal count of Hispanic Latinointegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Hispanic_LatinoPercentage of Hispanic Latinonumberlevel : Ratio
Count_American_IndianTotal count of American Indianintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_American_IndianPercentage of American Indiannumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Asian_Non_HispanicTotal count of Asian Non Hispanicintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Asian_Non_HispanicPercentage of Asian Non Hispanicnumberlevel : Ratio
Count_White_Non_HispanicTotal count of White Non Hispanicintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_White_Non_HispanicPercentage of White Non Hispanicnumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Black_Non_HispanicTotal count of Black Non Hispanicintegerlevel : Ratio
Percent_Black_Non_HispanicPercentage of Black Non Hispanicnumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Other_EthnicityTotal count of Other Ethnicityintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Other_EthnicityPercentage of Other Ethnicitynumberlevel : Ratio
Count_EthnicityTotal count of Ethnicityintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_EthnicityPercentage of Ethnicitynumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Ethnicity_TotalTotal count of Ethnicity Totalintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Ethnicity_TotalPercentage of Ethnicity Totalnumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Permanent_Resident_AlienTotal count of Permanent Resident Alienintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Permanent_Resident_AlienPercentage of Permanent Resident Aliennumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Us_CitizenTotal count of US Citizenintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Us_CitizenPercntega of US Citizennumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Other_Citizen_StatusTotal count of Other Citizen Statusintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Other_Citizen_StatusPercentage of Other Citizen Statusnumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Citizen_StatusTotal count of Citizen Statusintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Citizen_StatusPercentage of Citizen Statusnumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Citizen_Status_TotalTotal count of Citizen Status Totalintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Citizen_Status_TotalPercentage of Citizen Status Totalnumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Receives_Public_AssistanceTotal count of Public Assistanceintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Receives_Public_AssistancePercentage of Public Assistancenumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Nreceives_Public_AssistanceTotal count of Public Assistanceintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Nreceives_Public_AssistancePcercentage of Public Assistancenumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Public_AssistanceTotal count of Public Assistanceintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Public_AssistancePercentage of Public Assistancenumberlevel : Ratio
Count_Public_Assistance_TotalTotal count of Public Assistanceintegerlevel : Nominal
Percent_Public_Assistance_TotalPercentage of Public Assistancenumberlevel : Nominal

Data Preview

Jurisdiction NumberCount ParticipantsCount FemalePercent FemaleCount MalePercent MaleCount GenderPercent GenderCount Gender TotalPercent Gender TotalCount Pacific IslanderPercent Pacific IslanderCount Hispanic LatinoPercent Hispanic LatinoCount American IndianPercent American IndianCount Asian Non HispanicPercent Asian Non HispanicCount White Non HispanicPercent White Non HispanicCount Black Non HispanicPercent Black Non HispanicCount Other EthnicityPercent Other EthnicityCount EthnicityPercent EthnicityCount Ethnicity TotalPercent Ethnicity TotalCount Permanent Resident AlienPercent Permanent Resident AlienCount Us CitizenPercent Us CitizenCount Other Citizen StatusPercent Other Citizen StatusCount Citizen StatusPercent Citizen StatusCount Citizen Status TotalPercent Citizen Status TotalCount Receives Public AssistancePercent Receives Public AssistanceCount Nreceives Public AssistancePercent Nreceives Public AssistanceCount Public AssistancePercent Public AssistanceCount Public Assistance TotalPercent Public Assistance Total