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Department of Building Complaints Received

This dataset provides the list of complaints received and associated data provided by the department of building DOB. The report lists complaints received and acted upon by the DOB (Department of Building).

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The Department strives to ensure the safe and lawful use of approximately one million buildings and properties in New York City. Inspectors enforce the NYC Building Code and NYC Zoning Resolution to ensure the construction industry is protecting the public and property in the progress of work and that all work is being done in a Code compliant manner. Failure to operate within the guidelines set by the Code and Zoning Resolution could result in violations, monetary penalties, and/or criminal charges.

The NYC Construction Codes require owners to build and maintain their properties in a safe condition. Environmental Control Board (ECB) Inspectors issue Notices of Violation and Department of Buildings (DOB) Inspectors issue DOB Violations when property or construction doesn’t comply with the Construction Codes, NYC Zoning Resolution, or other applicable laws and rules.

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New York


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York;

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Building Codes, Consumer Complaint, Building Complaint Data, Department of Building Complaint, Code Enforcement, Code Compliance, Department of Buildings

Other Titles

Disposition Codes for Building Complaints, Building Complaints by DOB

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Complaint_NumberA unique identification code for complaintintegerlevel : Nominal
Is_StatusStatus of Complaint (ACTIVE- True, Closed- False)boolean-
Date_EnteredDate Complaint was Entereddate-
House_NumberHouse Number of Complaintstring-
ZIP_CodeZip code of complaintintegerlevel : Nominal
House_StreetHouse Street of Complaintstring-
BINNumber assigned by City Planning to a specific building (Building Identification Number)integerlevel : Nominal
Community_BoardCommunity Board Number (3-digit identifier: Borough code = first position, last 2 = community board)integerlevel : Nominal
Special_DistrictComplaint in Special District (IBZ - Industrial Business Zones, SCD - Special Clinton District, HY - Hudson Yards, GC - Government Code)string-
Complaint_CategoryDOB Complaint Category Codesstring-
Disposition_DateDate Complaint was Dispositioneddate-
Disposition_CodeDisposition Code of Complaintstring-
Inspection_DateInspection Date of Complaintstring-
DOB_Run_DateDate when query is run and pushed to Open Datadate-

Data Preview

Complaint NumberIs StatusDate EnteredHouse NumberZIP CodeHouse StreetBINCommunity BoardSpecial DistrictComplaint CategoryUnitDisposition DateDisposition CodeInspection DateDOB Run Date
1207971False2007-10-2918810002LUDLOW STREET 1087955103 67ELEVR2009-12-02I22009-10-302018-11-07
2193181False2013-12-1757310458EAST FORDHAM ROAD 2016264206 4BSEP 2014-01-02I22013-12-242018-11-07
5008962False1992-02-2739010307SLEIGHT AVENUE 5088083503 5ST.IS1992-03-05B11992-03-032018-11-07
4082214False1998-08-0531-15 11354137 STREET 4100841407 45QNS.1998-12-08A91998-12-062018-11-07
4147910False2002-06-11146-30 11434 175 STREET 4285332413 29QNS.2002-08-13I22002-08-122018-11-07
3016207False1991-05-1619711205SKILLMAN STREET 3055231303 29BKLYN1993-02-22I11993-01-282018-11-07
1265849False2009-09-2142910075EAST 77 STREET 1072688108 73MAN.2009-10-06A82009-10-032018-11-07
1134167False2004-12-2112410023WEST 60 STREET 1028827107 63ELEVR2005-01-10A12005-01-032018-11-07
2090420False2006-10-16104310456TELLER AVENUE 2002248204 67C & D2006-10-17I22006-10-162018-11-07
2110064False2008-02-12276510467MATTHEWS AVENUE 2053760211 59ELCTR2008-03-05A12008-03-012018-11-07