Detroit Fire Incidents Report

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This dataset reflects all fire incidents reported to the Detroit Fire Department from January 1, 2015 through September 8, 2018.


The Detroit Fire Department (DFD) provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the U.S. city of Detroit, Michigan.

The DFD operates 48 fire companies out of 34 fire stations located throughout the city, with a total sworn personnel complement of 830 firefighters in all ranks.

The DFD responds to approximately 165,000 emergency calls annually, with over 80% being medical emergencies and approximately 9,000 working structural fires. Determining the cause of a fire is difficult. The city’s open data portal no longer reports fire causes, so the disposition code given by firefighters on the scene are used to determine the origin. Further investigation may result in the cause changing, but this information is not publicly available.

Note: This dataset is complete and accurate to the best ability of the fire department at the time it is submitted, but may be modified at a future date in the course of routine investigation and verification.

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Detroit Fire Department, DFD Complaints, Emergency Services in Detroit

Is_ExposureFire that starts in one structure spreads to another, due to the intensity of the fire or the close proximity of structures to one another. It is called "exposure" or extension fires.boolean-
AddressAddress where fire incident occurredstring-
Incident_NumberA unique number assigned to the incident casestring-
Incident_CodeType of incidentintegerlevel : Number
Incident_DescriptionType of incidentstring-
Property_UseProperty used by citizen where fire incident occurredstring-
Engine_AreaApparatus designations, including C, E1, E2, E3, E4, L1, L2, S etc: These are short for battalion chief, first engine called, second engine, third engine, fourth engine, first ladder called, second ladder, and rescue squad. The standard response for a fire is to dispatch a battalion chief, two engine trucks, a ladder truck, and a rescue squad.string-
Call_DateDate of call when incident took placedate-
Call_TimeTime of call when incident took placestring-
Dispatch_TimeTime when fire team was dispatched on incident placestring-
Arrival_TimeTime when fire team was arrived on incident placestring-
Unit_Cleared_TimeTime when fire team cleared incident placestring-
Civilian_InjuryNumber of civilian injured in incident areanumberlevel : Nominal
Civilian_FatalityNumber of civilian death in incident areanumberlevel : Nominal
Fire_Personnel_InjuryNumber of fire personnel injured in incident areanumberlevel : Nominal
Fire_Personnel_FatalityNumber of fire personnel died in incident areanumberlevel : Nominal
Structure_StatusStatus of the structure by the fire teamstring-
LatitudeLatitude of the incident placenumber-
LongitudeLatitude of the incident placenumber-
false5613 TALBOT ST15-0012831111Building fireE562015-07-156:570000
false5161 CHARLES ST15-0000549111Building fireE562015-01-1010:490000
false12045 KLINGER ST15-0000543111Building fireE562015-01-109:470000
false1200 OAKMAN BLVD15-0022553745unintentionalE402015-10-318:170000
false1465 VINEWOOD ST15-0022618745unintentionalE272015-11-011:520000
false1771 BALMORAL DR15-0021481745unintentionalE512015-10-1911:200000
false2 WOODWARD AVE15-0005879721no bombE092015-04-1420:3020:3620:400000
false12305 STEEL ST15-0009985143Grass fireE422015-06-123:143:193:253:250000
false17400 3RD ST15-0012525745unintentionalE512015-07-111:091:101:171:380000
false16216 BURT RD15-0008244111Building fireE542015-05-2017:2217:2417:300000
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