Detroit Properties Demolition

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This dataset shows properties that are contracted for demolition by the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) or Detroit Building Authority (DBA). Projects listed in this dataset have a known price, contractor, and projected knock-down date.


The vast majority of all demolitions by the city is done using federal Hardest Hit Funds (HHF), which, by law, can be spent only in federally-designated areas of the city. This map shows the HHF zones where the city currently can spend its federal allocation of money. The city is constantly pursuing additional federal funds to allow it to further expand these HHF zones to include more neighborhoods.

The Nuisance Abatement Program (NAP) boundaries indicate areas where the city has taken legal action against the owners of vacant properties to compel them to either fix up the house within six months, or transfer the title to the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA), which will put them on a track for either auction or demolition, depending on the property’s condition. Federal HHF funds can be used only on structures owned by the DLBA.

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Upcoming Demolitions in Detroit, Property Contracted for Demolition

AddressAddress of the property which is to be demolishedstring-
Parcel_IDThe unique identifier assigned for record purposestring-
Contractor_NameName of the assigned contractor for demolitionstring-
PricePrice of the demolition in dollarsnumber-
Projected_Demolished_DateProperty demolished datedate-
Is_Commercial_BuildingIs the demolished building is commercial (no = false, yes = true)boolean-
Council_DistrictThe Detroit City Council District of the locationintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude location of the property-
LongitudeLongitude location of the property-
NeighborhoodThe neighborhood of the location, using the neighborhood file on the city’s Open Data Portalstring-
6708 Buhr15003963Homrich182252018-12-12false342.423961-83.03333Grant
6815 Drake15003468Homrich200642018-12-12false342.421241-83.031337Grant
3233 Ethel20011736Smalley279842018-11-04false642.26144-83.157086Boynton
17835 Filer15012981Homrich213972018-12-12false342.425424-83.037609Grant
2900 Edsel20014704Smalley141922018-11-04false642.268004-83.16107Boynton
3217 Edsel20014584Smalley191432018-11-04false642.264594-83.163277Boynton
3450 Edsel20014645Smalley239532018-11-04false642.262737-83.165531Boynton
2722 Edsel20014710Smalley195292018-11-04false642.268575-83.160593Boynton
2250 Edsel20014774Smalley252192018-11-04false642.273283-83.156656Boynton
17551 Gable13012674Homrich196372018-12-12false342.42378-83.042586Davison
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