DHHL Revocable Permits

$179 / year

This Dataset Includes revocable permit that grants the Permittee certain rights regarding the placement of a privately owned
improvement in a public right-of-way or public easement.


The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands today started the process to reform its controversial program of leasing land on a month-to-month basis.

By a 7-0 vote on Kauai, the commission that oversees the department approved converting the nearly 180 monthly permits to another type of short-term rental agreement while DHHL develops new rules to restructure its revocable permit system.

The agency expects to develop the proposed new rules in the next months and, if approved by the commission, distribute them to Native Hawaiian beneficiaries for their feedback. The department is expected to make the changes to the proposed rules based on that feedback and then ask the commission for final approval.

The commission took the action today following a Star-Advertiser investigative series in May that found the revocable permit program plagued by problems of mismanagement, lax oversight and selective enforcement.

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Revocable Permits, Department of Revocable Permits, Hawaiian Homelands

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Department of Hawaiian Homelands, Hawaii Home Lands Management Division

IslandName Of Islandstring-
AcreageArea of Landnumberlevel : Ratio
Permit_NumberNumber of Permitstring-
PermitteePermission Givenstring-
Census_Designated_PlaceA census-designated place is a concentration of population identified by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes. CDPs are delineated for each decennial census as the statistical counterparts of incorporated places, such as cities, towns, and villages.string-
Tax_Map_Key_NumberTax Map Numberstring-
Date_IssuedIssued Datedate-
Current_AnnualAnnual Currentnumberlevel : Ratio
CommentsPermits Commentsstring-
AddressAddress of Landstring-
LatitudeLatitude Location Of Land Permitnumber-
LongitudeLongitude Location Of Land Permitnumber-
476Mega Construction, Inc.Hawaii21.30485-157.85775
Hawaii8Parker Ranch, Inc.Kamuela(3) 6-5-001:011 & 019Hawaii21.30485-157.85775
S-7152Aloun Farms, Inc.23245.68Kapolei, Hawaii 9670721.34272-158.08328999999998
Hawaii280ParkingRobert PachecoHumuula(3) 3-8-001:007 (P)2003-03-01Huumula, Hawaii
Oahu0.145394CaretakerEugene SilvaWaimanalo(1) 4-1-03:038Hawaii21.30485-157.85775
Hawaii100.0241PastureGeorge Pua, Sr.Olaa(3) 1-8-011:0122000-08-01660.0Olaa, Hawaii
Hawaii467LandscapingGinger Patch Centers LLCWaiakea1464.0Hawaii21.30485-157.85775
Hawaii306.0391PastureWilliam BrilhanteNienie(3) 4-6-012:007 (P)4968.0Nienie, Hawaii
Hawaii450.0244PastureDaryl K. Kalua'uKau(3) 9-3-001:002(P)2000-11-01840.0Kau, Hawaii
Kauai320.0461PastoralRalph KauiWailua(4) 3-9-002:0121280.04Hawaii21.30485-157.85775
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